Dining Out in a Time of COVID-19

The Two Girls want to send all our love and support to Tasmanian food producers, restaurants, bars and cafes. People and places we admire and want to continue to support into the future.

In over eight years of blogging, The Two Girls have been constantly inspired by the abundance and creativity of our local providers and producers, the custodians of our wonderful Tasmanian food.

They are people who are suffering now.

The impact of COVID-19 is shocking and in Tasmania it has hardly even set in.

If you’ve been feeling irritable, tired, blue or overly sensitive, these are some of the normal reactions to stress. It’s hard to feel centred when a trip to the supermarket is demoralising. Hang on. Going to the supermarket has always been demoralising but now it’s next level.

The Two Girls love eating out but the world is changing and we are all being asked, and soon required, to change too. To date we have had no community transmissions of COVID-19. This is not the time to freak out. It is the time to take this pandemic seriously and act.

By acting I really mean adapting.

COVID-19 is an opportunity to evolve business models that are single delivery method dependent. Now more than ever we need the market to be responsive to consumers so we can all stay healthy and well. Many venues are offering takeaway meals. It is a key strategy that will give them the best chance of remaining viable and coming out the other end of this pandemic.

Takeaway is the best way we can support them at this critical time. 

There is a massive amount of communications from many businesses about their social distancing strategies. This is terrific. Thank you to everyone who has posted information about these new ways of working.

Cafes, restaurants and bars are being supported to take action. There are very clear procedures about how close people should be located to each other in indoor venues. It means limiting numbers of customers indoors and providing appropriate space between tables. In my view, this also means restricting table bookings to couples and families. The people who would usually be in the same household.

Those who are clearly communicating their adherence to these procedures to their customers are the businesses positioning themselves for longevity, and the sustainability of the sector.

Customers have a role to play here too. Ask businesses to post their COVID-19 strategies on Facebook or their websites. If they don’t have one, encourage them to get on board.

We want to continue to support local businesses that support the community. Get takeaway and if you go out for a meal, make sure it is at venues who ensure your safety and the safety of their staff as a priority.

If you want the real deal on COVID-19 visit the Australian Department of Health’s website and stay there.

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