Getting to know the Two Girls About Town

So Two Girls About Town have finally started blogging after much planning and speculation.  But who are we? We’d like to introduce ourselves by telling you a few things about ourselves that most people don’t know.
About Skye
  1. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was almost 19 years old.
  2. I sing my heart out in the kitchen when I’m cooking. I particularly like to belt out tunes by girls who play guitar like Tasmania’s own, Amy Kendall.
  3. After 14 years, I’ve left life in marvellous Moonah for a life with the Lovely Deputy in the country.
  4. Of all the cancers, breast cancer scares me most.
  5. When I was about 7, I had toxoplasmosis.  I was very sick and off from school for months and months.
  6. Injustice makes me crazy.
  7. For a foodie, I’m a really lazy eater. I’d prefer to snack on junk food and bits and pieces, than to have to sit down and eat a whole meal.
  8. When I was growing up we didn’t have a lot.  Visiting my best friend Kath meant I got to have all sorts of food we never ate at our home: actual frozen hamburgers, whose existence never failed to amaze me; and canned braised steak and onions, which I thought was the most delicious food imaginable. It was the biggest treat ever to eat Mrs R’s processed cow parts.
  9. The stupidest thing I ever did, was to have a couple of double margaritas for brunch at a bar on the Castro, San Fran, and decide that I wanted a piercing and had to do it now!
  10. I’d like to spend more time drinking coffee, eating hand-made Monte Carlos and reading in bed.
About Ange
  1. I have many nicknames but my favourite is ‘Anga’.  Think Hanger – take off the ‘H’ and pronounce the ‘er’ as ’a’.  Anga was all my nephew could say when he was learning to talk and it stuck.  I do also get called ‘Rabbit’ by my dad.
  2. I was born on my Uncle Jim’s 70th birthday – for a long time he was the only other person I knew born on July 15!  His accordion playing fascinated me and he was a well-known busker in the mall.
  3. I had the best up-bringing – my parents were awesome.  The most exciting words we could hear were “Who wants to go for a drive?” This meant packing an overnight bag because we always ended up staying in a swanky hotel and eating at great restaurants.
  4. My most favourite place was the Shearwater Resort.  We got to order our own drinks from the waiter and they came with little plastic animals on the side, my favourite was the giraffe!
  5. My dad had a horrific truck accident when I was 19.  He died on the operating table 3 times.  He pulled through but it was the most traumatic experience of my life and I still have missed memories from that time.
  6. My mum was adopted and when I was 21 she found her birth mother and sister.  I moved to Cairns for 5 months when I was 23 and got to know her family a bit better.
  7. My mum is one of my best friends and my dad is my world.  The thing that scares me most is losing them.
  8. I want to write a children’s book.  I know I have one in me.  I just need to make the time to do it.  It will happen one day!
  9. Born and bred a country girl, my secret pleasure is cranking the Country Music Channel anytime I have the house to myself!
  10. I’m totally into technology and love love love gadgets!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

12 thoughts on “Getting to know the Two Girls About Town

  1. righty o ,here i go

    i collect scarves, particularly bandanas and shemaghs

    ive always had a beard or goatee type thing because im self conscious about my chin

    whenever im near a toy store i have to go in and spend time wandering around inside because when i was growing up money was scarce and we never really had many toys so i have to pander to the little kid inside me whenever toys are around. i still get excited when i see a brand new transformer !!!

    one day i hope to finish a book by Slavoj Zizek and actually understand it

    sometimes when i daydream, i plan my own funeral

    i try to avoid watching movies about dogs because i inevitably end up crying when they get injured or die, to this day i cannot watch "my dog skip", it broke my heart and i cried my eyes out

    more to come later……….
    loving the blog Skye, good effort 🙂 !!!!

  2. Hey Blackout in the Red Room! Thanks for posting some scarcely known things about you. We think you should keep pandering to that little kid and maybe broaden your collector-bent to toys you wish you'd had when you were young. You're never too old to have fun.

    Guess what? The Girls About Town love dogs too!

    Hope to hear from you again Blackout in the Red Room. Stay in touch with Living and Loving Hobart!

  3. Well done ladies, I love finding out more about each of you than I already know!

    It will be great when you are both chefs and/or food critics and I can say that I knew you before you were famous.


  4. Loving the blog ladies!

    Some things that most people (probably) don't know about me……

    I am seriously scared of the dark – seriously, heart thumping scared…..

    I too secretly l.o.v.e. LOVE country music….

    And…I thought I was the only crazy who sometimes planned their funeral when they were daydreaming – thank you 'Blackout in the Red Room' now I don't feel so loco. Although considering I don't know you from a bar of soap (and you may be completely loco) I could actually be totally mad! 😉

    1. im so happy to hear that someone else does it too !!! now i dont feel so morbidly crazy when i daydream about my own funeral, and i go into some pretty serious detail as well, right down to the lining of my coffin and if the songs i want played are too long or too cliche (i think thats how you spell it). so i dont think that makes us crazy………..i think 🙂

  5. Well country is good and music is good, so your love love love of country music sounds something to be proud of!
    The great thing about sharing the little know parts of you, is that they are not so different from other people after all! I wonder who else might let us know that they take issue with things that go bump in the night? We bet there's heaps! Thanks for posting.

  6. So Ange has known Sharon since high school, but didn't know that she can not bend her big toe… and has just learnt of her dream to own her own art and craft store!

    Sharon is a very talented artist and crafter so we're thinking that while she may never bend her big toe – she will own that art and craft store one day!

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