Women celebrate!

For more than a century, International Women’s Day has been celebrated each year on the 8 March.  In many countries, it’s a recognised official holiday.
And why not?
Here in Hobart, we celebrate colonisation, an agricultural show with little actual agriculture, and something called a Regatta, which we’re led to believe is a boat race of sorts.  Why not celebrate the most fabulous of the fabulous of the sexes?

If you can’t get the day off, here’s some ideas to celebrate our day:

  • Ring your girlfriends and organise to go out for champas after work.
  • Go look in your wardrobe and find your most favourite ensemble to don.  Strut ya stuff, grrl, you sexy!
  • Get angry about discrimination, sexism and disadvantage that women continue to experience. Do something about it!
  • Go out in the world, and tell other women they rock!
  • Believe in yourself and express your opinion!
  • Whack your middle finger skywards and eat A LOT of cake.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror.  No… really…LOOK.  You. Are.  Wonderful.
  • Have some FUN!
And remember, with all the frocks and fun in the world, go visit some people doing tremendous stuff for women:


Happy International Women’s Day from Two Girls About Town, xxxxx

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