Raining days and magical Hobart moments!

While some may be complaining that it has  been raining in Hobart today, I loved it.

Today I took the ‘back way home’ from Hobart… admittedly driving in the rain isn’t my favourite thing in the world – but driving this way home after a light rain is beautiful.
I love it how you are in the city and suburbia one minute and the next there is nothing but a road winding through beautiful bushland.

For those of you that don’t know where ‘the back way is’ – here is a map!

This is just another reason for Living and Loving Hobart!
Ange xxx
Do you encounter any magical moments on your way home at the end of the day?

6 thoughts on “Raining days and magical Hobart moments!

  1. The other amazing thing about 'the back way' is that you will often encounter a native wildlife experience – a wallaby or kangaroo only 5 minutes away from the city, day or night. Just be careful because you might need to explain to little ones why "Skippy" is upside down with his legs in the air. x

  2. It is pretty magical encountering wildlife basically in the middle of suburbia Kylie I totally agree – I still get excited when I see the cute little bunnies on the grass before the underpass at Rosetta – I truly believe in the saying that the simple things in life are often the best! Mind you – Skippy with his legs up in the air – kind of glad I don't have little ones to have to explain that to! x

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