Bring back doughnuts!

Most people need a mid-arvo sugar hit.
One afternoon, doughnuts appeared at work.
It started somethin’.
We decided to do a mini-Hobart doughnut tour. Here are our findings.
Sweet Envy, 341 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart
It’s practically an injustice to only focus on the doughnuts at this beautiful patisserie. But this is about donuts. In this case, jam doughnuts. The verdict? A nice morsel; light, and easy on the jam. Find out more about them at here.
Daci and Daci, 11 Murray Street, Hobart
There’s been some high points and low points at this venue over the years, but the latest iteration is a Paris pavement-style cafe. We’re also feeling a bit guilty about limiting our considerations to doughnuts because this has got to be the best new cafe in Hobart.
The view of the panel was that those dense dough ‘bombs’ were loaded with their raspberry jam and crème patisserie fillings.  We were subsequently covered in icing sugar, which took some explaining back at work later. Doughnut tip 1 Don’t wear black eating doughnuts.
Jackman and McRoss Bakery, 4 Victoria Street Hobart
We have some seriously good patisseries in Hobart and Jackman and McRoss is a Hobart institution.
These doughnuts were the most surprising. They were lazy doughnuts, cooked then split in half to be filled rather than having their filling piped in. But they did have the crispest skin and the best balanced dough, robust but light and definitely not stodgy. The filling comes in jam or creme patisserie.  The verdict? A filling consistently spread across the doughnut is an act of grace. Bonus points for using blackberry jam. Yum yum!
Kasperle Haus Salamanca
Don’t forget the fancy doughnuts at the Salamanca Markets.  Here the options increase with chocolate filling and they use custard rather than crème patisserie. Not nearly as good as the competition but there is something about a doughnut on a Saturday morning whilst you’re strolling around the markets.
And we made some ourselves. They were perfect of course! Ours are chocolate and elderberry and crabapple jelly filled.
Never judge a doughnut by its franchise…we’re still partial to the Donut King variety.
So if a work colleague is out and about and texts, ‘Do you want me to bring anything back?’
The answer is still ‘bring back doughnuts’
What do you crave when you get afternoon low blood sugar?

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