My memory bank got full

How often do you forget something you were meant to buy at the supermarket?
It happens to me all the time.  And it’s always one of the things I really needed to buy.
My man says it’s because I must have filled my memory bank!
Unlike my money bank, my memory bank is near to overflowing all the time. That’s probably why one extra piece of information can cause it to overflow.
Something falls out when I try and put something extra in.
It happened today….
This morning my man told me that we needed dog food, foil and razors from the supermarket.  I decided to call in after work.
I remembered the dog food and the razors but what was the third thing?
I messaged him and said ‘Dog food and razors – what else did we need?’
He replies ‘Dog food and coke’.
The introduction of coke was too much for my memory bank.  The dog food fell out when the coke went in!
I realised this as soon as I returned home and the man met me in the driveway to help with the groceries.
I said, ‘My memory bank got full’ to which he quickly replied, ‘Oh what did you forget?’
He was totally thinking it was the coke!  I know this because he was so relieved when I told him dog food!
I did buy turkey wings however, so Titan and Medea did not miss out.
Maybe I should be writing lists.  Sometimes there are just too many things to remember and forgetting some things from the supermarket can cause upset.Ange xxxx
What necessity did you forget when you last went shopping?

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