Dirty little secrets

Now don’t get exercised, this is NO explicit follow up on the post, Various States of Undress.

Everyone has little parts of themselves they don’t generally share around because we worry about what others might think about us.
We’ve all got them.
We all do weird stuff.
Sometimes we are not the person we want to be.
That’s a dirty little secret.
Here’s some of ours, but we’re not saying who owns what.  Can you guess?
I’m addicted to KFC and would eat it every week if I could get away with it.  I know it’s bad for me, bad for the chickens and bad for the environment.
Fish fingers are a major food group in my life.  Snap frozen processed supermarket delights!
I don’t compost.
I totally love watching Glee.
I like Spam sandwiches.
There’s a processed food theme coming through here.
Before my current relationship I had a sink obsession. It could never be dirty, littered with washing up. It had to be completely and absolutely spotless and totally pristine. I’ve had to hose myself down now someone else is in the house.  But I still have to manage the urge to clean it down just one more time.
What’s  your dirty little secret?

5 thoughts on “Dirty little secrets

  1. I love cheese and jam, I prefer to eat Nutella, Vegemite and Peanut butter off a spoon. I also love glee and true blood. And I want to go see One Direction even though I'm like 8 years older them but I think they're totally adorable! 😀

  2. Point of order Cupcake Dreams. True Blood is nothing to feel ashamed about. In fact this cult status addiction ranks you in high esteem by at least one of the Two Girls About Town and well the other, she is a friend of yours in Glee.

    We agree that your spoonful food spread obsession is a little unusual but would be more of a dirty little secret if we knew you also double dipped. Do you?

    Thanks for sharing!! xxxxx

  3. Vegemite and cottage cheese on toast. KFC. (ahem) The bed must be made before one gets in, even if one makes the bed immediately before getting in. And so on and so forth… 🙂

    And one must always lick the spoon.

  4. Dear Amy
    Thanks for joining our dirty little secrets posse. Your post demonstrates the power of naming! Now we have two Glee lovers and two KFC lovers! What validation!
    FYI, one of us also has your bed making obsession. Just can't get into an unmade bed. It's not messy, it's just wrong!
    Xxxxx the Two Girls About Town

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