Friday 13th has the Two Girls About Town thinking about superstitions.
Ange recently experienced a seagull pooping on her windscreen – it certainly was annoying having to clean it off… but did it mean good luck?  While she didn’t test the theory by purchasing a lotto ticket that night – should she have?
Lots of people in our building leave their umbrella’s up to dry inside – isn’t that bad luck?
Skye thinks she’s pretty superior on the superstition front.  She deliberately walks under ladders with a ‘BRING IT ON ATTITUDE!’  But, she secretly throws salt over her shoulder when she spills it, in memory of her Gran who did it all the time. Only problem is, she doesn’t know whether it’s meant to be the left or right shoulder.  Does this mean she’s in for some serious bad luck at some stage?
Skye was teaching a friend to make fancy meringue one day.  Her friend has Chinese heritage and when Skye told her to not to bang the beaters on the side of the bowl, she responded, ‘Of course, it will bring bad spirits’.  Now bad spirits aside, the outcome is the same.  So is this superstition so bad?
Are these just old wives tales or is there some truth in them?
Do you have an experience that could make us believe in superstitions?


2 thoughts on “Superstitions

  1. This is one my dog taught me: if you don't let the dog sleep on the bed, your feet will be cold! (And you will also have room to stretch out your legs, but she ignores that bit.). And one my bub taught me: if you do exactly everything he wants at exactly the moment he wants it, it keeps the Evil Grotty Baby away!

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