That Moment of Dread

You know that sinking feeling when you remember you didn’t do something you were meant to?  Well it went a bit like this…

The Two Girls About Town have been putting ourselves through our paces so we can get you some intel about the best place to be seen, chilling, with a glass of bubbles in hand.
The Two Girls have those ridiculously frantic days more often than we care for and were in need of bubbles by around 2 o’clock.
By the time the clock struck 4:45, we were out the door and headed towards the evening’s destination– the Raincheck Lounge, North Hobart.
For those of you who don’t know, Raincheck is a little grungy-tapas-café-bar on Elizabeth Street.  It’s a great place for a drink and a meal of whatever size you require.
We breathed in half a bottle of bubbles and dips and chips and then Richard (a boy about town) arrived and purchased another bottle of bubbles. There was talk, there was laughter, there was drinking obviously.
Suddenly it was 6:30 and we were racing across the road to an exhibition opening at Dick Bett’s.
Staring intently at art, glass in hand, mouth opened, poised ready to swallow, Ange suddenly turned to Skye and said ‘Oh my god did we pay the bill at the Raincheck?’
Skye proceeded to laugh like a crazy woman, which to Ange meant – ‘Yes I paid – didn’t you realise – your shout next time’ – however it was a laugh of embarrassment/horror from Skye – the Two Girls About Town had left an establishment without paying.
So Ange hot tailed it back to The Raincheck Lounge – thank goodness we were just up the road – and on walking in said to the lovely gal at the counter ‘I’m so sorry we left without paying’ to which she replied, ‘We noticed’.  Hmmm…
Thankfully with a smile on her face so we hope the Two Girls redeemed themselves.
When was the last time you had the moment of dread?

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