My life as a musical

While I know real life isn’t a musical at times I like to embrace the Glee in me and launch into song at a comment I or someone else makes.  Like last week when one of my team said ‘I can’t wait until tomorrow’ and I couldn’t help myself, I had to start singing “tomorrow, tomorrow, I luv ya tomorrow, you’re only a day away!”

Most of the time this is not an appropriate thing to do (duh) … so a lot of my life as a musical goes on
inside my head – however my workmates do encounter it quite a bit.My musical numbers aren’t as well pulled together as the Glee moments I love so much … firstly because while I imagine I have a fantastic voice in reality it’s very average – and secondly my workmates don’t join in or back me up with ‘do whap’ sounds!

I must discuss this with them further – perhaps leave a copy or two of Glee on their desks?  Maybe next time some says ‘It’s Friday’ and I start to belt out ‘I’m so excited’ they will all join me!

I grew up watching Young Talent Time and yes … I sang All My Loving each week with Johnny and the team – it was a must!
When I was 11 … hmmm should I be telling this story?  Oh ok – what the heck – I’ll break my own cone of silence … I became aware of Grease the movie – I’m pretty sure it was a ‘Sunday Night at the Movies’ feature – right after Disneyworld … oh the memories.
That year – for many a lunch time – the girls in my class got together in the classroom at lunch time singing and acting out the songs from Grease … Summer Lovin, Grease Lighting … those are some of the fondest memories of primary school I have!
And the man in my life … well he just loves The Wizard of Oz and must – and I mean every time – sing “If I only had a brain, a heart, a nerve’ … in fact he’s singing it as I type this! And yes he sings it in the Lion’s voice!
So why can’t life be a musical … it worked for Mamma Mia my ultimate all time favourite musical … Yes ok Pierce Brosnan isn’t the best singer – but by god he gave it a go and he looked good doing it – no complaints here!
So next time someone says something that makes you want to launch into song … will you do it … will you join with me and bring the musical to life?
Happy singing, Ange xxxx
What are your favourite musicals?

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  1. If only Scott and Skye still worked together they could have a pact to be each other's backup singer!

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