Dirty secret no more

A few weeks ago, the Two Girls shared some of our Dirty little secrets: things we’ve kept from general consumption.

They’re things we felt a bit embarrassed about and didn’t want to admit.
Some of you shared your own secrets. We realised we’re not so different from each other after all. We all do weird stuff and sometimes it’s even the same weird stuff. Then we wondered if it was actually so weird after all?
Ange came out as a Glee fanatic and no longer lives her life as a musical in her head. She’s singing at work all the freakin’ time and complaining that no one is falling in behind her as backup ‘do whap, do whap’.
Skye got the motivation that comes with recognising you are not who you want to be. Sorting out the compost has been on the agenda since she moved in 10 years ago. Last weekend she got it together.
Then there is the deeper stuff you don’t say. Not just the naughty food you like, or the fantasy world you live in, or the things you need to do to get your act together on. It’s the stuff you do that disappoints you or the people that matter to you.
Like I’m a secret fagger. Not something I admit too freely, particularly if I think you’ll think less of me for it.
A good friend got diagnosed with inoperable throat cancer a couple of weeks ago; someone I’ve enjoyed a quiet time with, fagging. I don’t want to fag anymore. For him, or for me.
Then there’s the other stuff I do that troubles me.
I get stressed and cranky too often. I don’t want to.
I want to be kind more, ’cause it doesn’t hurt anyone.
Our dirty little secrets post has reminded the Two Girls, to not just share our dirty little secrets, but to do something about them.
What do you want to change about yourself?

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