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Wendy Kennedy and Craig Wellington tell the Two Girls why an inner city pub is a keeper

In the name of research, Skye took Ange to the Brunswick Hotel to check out what they’ve done to the place.  In recent times, this inner city pub has undergone an extreme makeover. Gone are the days of dosser accommodation and $5 Parmies.
The Brunswick is now a groovy enclave in the CBD. It is part of a small contingent of brave businesses revitalising central Hobart, demonstrating that you can bring people into the city after dark and be viable.
It also hosts quality pub fare with plenty of interesting twists that will have you returning to work through the menu.
It is a fact that the mini-lamb burgers are SO good that the Two Girls were compelled to order a second serve.  And we discovered that we weren’t the only people enjoying them.
This post comes to you from Wendy Kennedy and Craig Wellington, our guest bloggers.
Wendy on the Brunswick Hotel
The Brunswick Hotel was quite a famous inner city pub for many years, mainly because of its ‘super schnitzels’ believe it or not.
For me today, it is my favourite inner city haunt.  And I’m loving the fact that TBH is doing its bit in bringing the city back to life.  I love the decor, it is seriously cool, and there are so many comfy corners to curl up in. The open fires are so inviting and it is the kind of pub that I’m happy to drop into on my own for a bevvy or a bite, which I often do.
But usually I catch up at TBH with my long-time friend and former business colleague, Theatrical Producer Craig Wellington.  He has an office above the groovy Bank Arcade.  We meet mostly on a weekly basis and have tried most of the menu.  The food is consistently brilliant.  My faves include the mini lamb burgers (they are so cute that I have them as my screen saver on my phone – and so so tasty), they come with salted sweet potato chips.  We often order an additional bowl of ‘fat’ chips, just because we can.  When I feel like something more substantial it will be the Marrawah beef steak sandwich with caramelized onion and battered onion rings.  The wine list is extensive, the service is always warm and friendly.  I just love everything about the place, even the loos!  AND I was there just the other day because I won the business card draw the previous week which was a $50 dining voucher.  Go the Brunswick – we love you! (and no – we don’t have shares in the place).
Craig on the Brunswick Hotel
My office is located opposite the Brunswick Hotel and due to its superb renovation and excellent menu it quickly became a natural meeting place and after hours socialising place. The only downside, which isn’t a downside at all, is that it has become increasingly popular and is very often packed to the rafters after hours! I enjoy the eclectic crowd as it draws from all types of workplaces around town. Add the fact there is international backpackers’ accommodation upstairs and there is always plenty of interesting conversation in the bar. The building is constantly being tweaked and improved –  I noticed new plant boxes at the street front this week. I highly recommend the Brunswick to anyone wanting an inner city spot for lunch, dinner or any occasion; that is always well kept, friendly, warm and inviting. It is ascending to be one of Hobart’s premiere bars and restaurants.
 Wendy Kennedy owns three business’ and was executive producer, producer and host of over 1,000 national television programmes.  She is a published writer, former chair of the Women’s Council of Tasmania, former Director, Port Arthur Historic Site, Political talk back radio host, has a decent listing on the Who’s Who of Australian women, but most people remember her as ‘Wendy with the Weather’!

Craig Wellington is the Director, Craig Wellington Productions.  You might know him as Producer for the Hobart Comedy Festival and theatre producer, performer and general all round entertainer!

How to find the Brunswick…67 Liverpool Street Hobart
What’s your hot tip for Hobart’s CBD?

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4 thoughts on “Hobart icons talk about a Hobart icon

  1. I am being a bit self indulgent, but as the architect for the redevelopment I totally agree with the comments.

    The Brunswick is one of the last remaining pubs on Liverpool Street. It has an amazing history, a secret underground vault, a history of illegal distilling, the infamous barmaid Fat Mary, and was built prior to Charles Darwin visiting Hobart as part of the now famous 'Origin of the Species' expedition. Who could forget Siceys Super Schnitzel?

    Built in 1826, it mysteriously burnt down in 1925 and reopened in 1926 with its current facade. Named after Caroline of Brunswick……What a great history!!! And most important of all – The Brunswick lives on!

    The new owners loved its history and wanted to preserve it. They are to be commended for their vision and letting the building speak for itself. Our intervention is small……Glad to hear Hobartians are still enjoying the Brunswick almost 200 years on.

  2. Dear Dean
    Thanks for posting!! Great to hear from you!! What a beautiful job you've done on that space and you must be pleased to see how well it is working. We love the lights in the second dining room!!! And the deer!!! And the varied panels of bold Axminster carpet. Love it! Well done!

    Any other ideas about how to groovy up inner city??


  3. Thankyou……

    How to groovy up inner city???? Wow, that's a hard one!

    Im not sure that this is the answer, but we ( Interia ) see great potential in the redevelopment of Hobarts' laneways & backspaces & forgotten spaces. Melbourne does this really well. It seems a perfect fit for Hobart also, we have lots of them, and they get us out of the weather. We worked in a building in central hobart that has a fantastic abandoned light-well, opening a secret laneway to the sky above. Elite appliances store their boxes in an amazing old theatre, there is an abandoned 'underground' theatre in the middle of Hobart. What if we redeveloped these? Keep them grungy, keep them original, and ensure the spaces are filled with a vibrant mix of uses.

    Pop-up shops might also be the key to filling a space until a new tenant arrives. And of course we need small spaces, like Sidecar & Yellow Bernard. Its all about that feeling of exploring, i've found a 'secret spot', a spot that not everybody knows about. That's what we'd love to see, and I think it could be really groovy.

    Architecture Week will explore some of these themes……stay tuned.

  4. The Two Girls totally concur re the laneways. There are plenty of opportunities to better connect and enhance our CBD, laneway development is one of them. There are small examples now but they generally still have untapped potential.
    Also one of these Two Girls has been contemplating how the different precincts (if you don't mind me using a big word in a tiny context) of our CBD could be connected. Soon we'll have another 100 people living in the CBD via Common Ground. How can these communities be physically and aesthetically linked to the the shopping precinct? What about more night time venues opening up to bring people into the CBD after 5? I remember years ago when Kaos tried. There's the vacant block of car park where the Farmers' Market is held. What about an inner city mixed development linked by walkways and public art etc into the Mall?
    Ahhh…we can but dream!
    Keep up the good work! We look forward to more of your creativity and skill enhancing out beautiful city.

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