Class consciousness I

Who IS afraid of the working class?

Are your roots working class?
Do you find yourself humming The Internationale when you least expect it?
Union member?
Committed to redistribution of wealth?
Universal welfare?
Central government?

Don’t want to be associated with the riff raff?
Do you think we live in a classless society?

There is a view that we may have transcended class. Yet there are glacial differences in who has access to wealth, education, employment, housing and other services.

When searching for  working class images on google I found:

    • beautiful
      people staring at computers (they’re working),
    • gym bunnies making it burn
      (they’re working (in a gym) class), and
    • a male model striking various poses in
      overalls (no class).

The Two Girls live in Hobart’s northern suburbs, on the other side
of the flannelette curtain or the café latte line of Creek Road.

The flannelette curtain

Creek Road is Hobart’s great class divide. It separates the municipalities of Hobart and, well everything else really.

The Northern ‘burbs get a lot of stick: working class, under-class, poor, Adidas-wearing, bogan, loser, tardo, crim, Housing Department, you-name-it stereotype.
One dinner guest once insisted on parking in my driveway, because he was worried his car would be broken into just because it was Moonah.
Touch wood, I’ve never been broken into here but they’ve had loads of intrusions into their North
Hobart abode so go figure.
The Two Girls are not going to try and convince you of the Northern suburb’s gentrification.
But we do love where we live and we like celebrating what the other side of the flannelette curtain has
to offer.So we’re up for raising class consciousness because there are plenty of good reasons to cross the great class divide. There’s nothing to be afraid of.
You might even find a decent latte…even if it is at one of the Two Girls’ homes.

Why do working class suburbs get such a bad rap?

2 thoughts on “Class consciousness I

  1. We have had our car stolen from out the front of our Moonah residence, but we also had our car stolen in West Hobart. It happens, and it happens.

    I love Moonah!

    To me, the saddest thing is that people don't get give themselves a chance to be part of the community. I think part of it is that people are comfortable in their 'nice'suburbs, they don't like to be confronted by those with 'less than'. It makes them feel guilty, and squirmy, so they'd rather just not go there.

  2. Hi ya Owlissa

    We love that you love Moonah! What's not to love right?
    And you make some fine points. Some people just like nice quiet residential white middle-class suburbs. That's not Moonah and thank goodness!
    Thanks for visiting, xxx

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