Do our kids really have to grow up?

A Facebook friend posted about her wee one losing her first tooth: a bitter-sweet experience for parents, precious babies growing up.

This is the closest thing I have to compare.

Elena has just turned ten.
It’s a milestone.
I like to think that Elena and I have a special relationship.
Earlier in the year I asked her how she saw us in the scheme of her social network.
She told me that we were sort of like friends but sort of like family and godparents at the same time.
We had a moment.
The only time I REALLY wished I’d had a baby was one day unprovoked, Elena threw her arms around me and told me she loved me. I think my heart might have stopped. Her mum found me stunned in the bathroom where I’d been washing my hands and asked what was wrong.
I gasped, ‘I’ve missed out on all this love?’
She was good enough to snap me back to reality. Her mum and I are a bit alike.  She said ‘Don’t be ridiculous! You haven’t missed out on anything. You’ve got all this love now!’
Phew thanks, I was a bit freaked out there for a minute.
When she was six-years-old she sat on my lap and we cuddled.  I told her about the first time I cuddled her.  It was when she was six-weeks-old and now she was six-years-old. She thought this was pretty interesting. Then we talked about how she was growing up and that soon she wouldn’t sit on my lap anymore and she probably wouldn’t cuddle me much either.
With my clever negotiation skills, she agreed to continue the lap-cuddle-scenario until she was ten.
To be fair, I haven’t pushed the agreement too much because as predicted, the passing of time has changed things naturally.
When she was younger, I used to get to brush out her hair before bedtime when I was visiting.  One night I took around 38 bobby-pins and clips out of her hair and saw that she’d taken random chunks out with scissors.
She’d wanted a haircut and I guess sometimes if you want the job done, you’ve got to do it yourself.
She said ‘Sssshh don’t tell mum!’

I once stole her elastic band with blue baubles ’cause I wanted it.
Hey! I ‘fessed up!

When asked what she wanted for her tenth birthday she produced the fridge-posted list entitled ‘My birthday presents wish list’.
You can see the photo yourself, but what I took from it went a bit like this:
·       Giraffes…anything with giraffes
·     Earrings, dangling or studs or anything with giraffes.
I complained I didn’t get the memo saying she’d developed a craze for giraffes.
Giraffes have tested my gift-wrapping skills.
I remember when I went from long to mid-length hair and said to her ‘Hey did you notice my hair? Don’t you think it looks better now?’ She said yeah TOTALLY! I was like ‘You could have told me sooner!’
(I should return that elastic band now my hair is shorter right?)

But at her 10th birthday party for family (get it? FAMILY! we are so totally on the A-list)  she TOTALLY screws up her face and says ‘Hey you’ve done something to your hair!’ I say yeah it’s a bit darker ‘Don’t you like it?’
Nope she tells me, she prefers it red!

That’s our relationship.
I expect there’s more of that to come.
It may not include so many cuddles but I’m going to love every changing minute of it.
Life goes by and they grow up. 
It’s beautiful to see kids grow into themselves but it comes with some loss too.
What do you miss most?

10 thoughts on “Do our kids really have to grow up?

  1. My son is not even 10 months old, and it is fantastic watching himvlearn about the world and gain more control of his body. But I miss him being a newborn…I miss the hiccups he did before he was born. The months go so quickly! At least I know him in his puppyhood though; we adopted our dog Lottie when she was a year old, so we missed that excellent puppy stage.

    Did she bark at you when you snuck treats onto our front porch? I wish we had been home!! Thank you so much – YUMMY!!!

  2. Little babies are the best of the best. The Two Girls love them when they are freshly cooked…babies not Mazariner, your hot Swedish cake tip.
    BTW Livinglovinghobart readers, engage with us and you never know if you will find a tasty treat on your doorstep!

  3. Finally got around to catching up on this after a while away from the laptop.
    Love it! And am chuffed by the dedication 🙂
    Sounds like you have a very special r'ship with Elena.
    When I was back in Adelaide last Christmas I made my then four-year-old nephew Archer sign a contract saying he'd always give me kisses and cuddles. I'm planning on holding him to it.
    I compare my five year old and almost eight year old and see so much cuteness still in the younger one, but am looking forward to her continuing to learn, grow and develop into a beautiful big girl like my eldest. Must just remember to take lots of video and photos along the way!
    Probably the thing I miss the most from the baby years is reciprocal adoring gazes with my babies while feeding them – when they break off for a huge gummy smile, WOW, that's got to be my favourite memory.

  4. To our Livinglovinghobart readers, Ms Denholm is the Facebook friend that inspired this heart revelation. So glad you liked it Jenny! I believe my heart stopped thinking of your favourite memory too! That is just so beautiful. Thanks for coming to visit us.
    Best, Two Girls About Town, xxxx

  5. I will always cuddle skye and even when I too big too fit on her lap I will still love her.
    Lots of love Elena

  6. I've got I little cousin called Max and he is growing up so fast! He is now always coping you and putting things away after using them! It's so cute. Thankyou skye for utting this blog on the internet it is really good way to share your feelings about how I am growing up.

  7. Hey Elena I think you are our new biggest fan! Maybe we need to come up with stories to write for the blog? Let's get our heads together and have a think? What about how to design new bedroom shelves? or The 10 Top Giraffes in my life?

  8. Hey everyone, I am like Elena Bestie and I would like to say that everything in this Biography of Elena is 100% true!

  9. Hello guys, I am like, one of elena's best buddies and i would like that all of the stuff that is written there, it is all true and we even had a "who could draw the best giraffe" compeitition!!!!

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