A Myrtle Forest in Collinsvale

On the other side of the flannelette curtain I
In Class Consciousness I we wondered about the bad rap some suburbs get.
A Myrtle Forest in Collinsvale is the first of a series of blog posts called ‘On the other side of the flannelette curtain’ which will be dedicated to some of the good stuff going on in Hobart’s northern suburbs.
The northern suburbs is not just light industry. There’s beauty here. Have you gone for a walk in the Myrtle Forest in Collinsvale?
Collinsvale is 10 minutes or so off the Brooker Highway along Berriedale Road.
Its European history includes an influx of Danish and German settlers (it was once called Bismarck).
Loggers and farmers and vegetable growers have made Collinsvale their home. Allegedly Collins Cap was home to giant swedes.
The Myrtle Forest is on the northern access to the Wellington Ranges. It’s easy to find, there’s plenty of signs.
Myrtle grows in Tasmania’s cool temperate rainforest .  Which means it’s dark and mysterious, like a fairy glade with gushing creeks and squishy paths, man ferns, blackwood, dogwood and of course, myrtle.
It’s a beautiful walk.
This Girl walked an hour in towards the Bonnet and then turned back, but if you have the time you can access Collins Cap and Collins Bonnet from the Myrtle Forest (5 -6 hour return walks).
It’s Tasmanian rainforest. It’s muddy and you’ll need to cross water.  If you go, seriously think about gaiters.
Because it’s muddy and uphill there and downhill back, you might think about using a walking stick. Mine were not very useful left in the car 🙁
Do you take a pair of shoes
with you on bushwalks so you can get out of your dirty walking boots? Crocs are
great and lightweight and particularly good if you are camping overnight.

Do you have a favourite walk in the northern suburbs?Information if you fancy:

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