Blue Mountains, Alice Springs and Hobart

The Blue Mountains, Alice Springs and our very own Hobart, are three of Molly Kendall’s most fabulous places in the country. She wouldn’t declare them the most fabulous places in the world, only because she hasn’t visited enough places yet. That’s the sort of girl she is.

Earnest, in all the right ways.

The Hobart Connection
Molly hasn’t lived in Hobart for long but she has a long-term relationship with the city visiting her Aunt for holidays from her home in Adelaide while she was growing up.
“I was blown away about how beautiful it is. It took my heart at a young age,” she says.
p.s. her Aunt is a massive foodie and used to operate Ali Akbar and Atlas. (Ohh food was so much more fun in Hobart in those days).
p.p.s note a newly discovered fact, Chris Jackman was chef there for a period.

For the record, Molly is also a Moonah-liver and lover.

“It’s the most dynamic part of Hobart. It’s multi-cultural. It’s Hobart’s Brunswick Street”.
The Two Girls concur and are pleased to find another devotee.
Exorcise your inner foodie
Of course food is important to the Two Girls. Molly’s experience is different and that’s okay too.

She doesn’t rate her own food skills highly though but she’s optimistic.

“I’m pretty lame but I think I’m getting better.  I’ve gotten into baking lately, muffins and biscuits.  I did live in a van for three years so I have van cooking standards.”
Molly’s food and drinking tips:
Preachers and Alley cat for a drink. She particularly likes how child friendly these places are.
Island for the best coffee
Island Cafe, Elizabeth Street, Hobart
It’s all about people
“I’m fascinated in humans and the human condition.”

Molly is a pretty interesting gal and is driven by her vision of the world through an anthropological lens. Her deep commitment to the environment and social change meant she spent three years visiting and working on eco-communities investigating why they were either successful or not. You can check out some photos of her time if you fancy. 

Molly is in to this dude called Victor Turner who designed the theory of liminality.
“It’s about ritual, or rather the transition phase in ritual when you have lost your past status but haven’t yet gained the new status. I like that it’s an analogy of flux and change.”


She likens this theory to the state of our own State with the legacy ideology of the forest wars, parochialism and old school conservative Tasmania being on the brink of a new era with a surge of young people and new values. And that’s how she feels about Alice Springs and the Blue Mountains too. They are also both ancient beautiful places perched on the edge of change.
The Sea Shepherd and social action

Molly is a Sea Shepherd veteran and spent a season as deck crew and on small boat missions.  It’s very tactical and we’re not going to share the details here but needless to say it was an adventure.

Whilst whales are an important cause for Molly it is making a real contribution that matters most to Molly.  The Sea Shepherd is a mechanism for direct action on the environment with demonstrable results.

Each year the Japanese Government publishes the number of whales slaughtered so it’s easy to see by the decline in their statistics that you’re having an impact.

Molly may have been a fool in love in her past but it’s pretty easy to see that she and her boy-o are pretty into each other and they’re both in to their baby-boy too.
Her love advice? Don’t settle for less than amazing. Have faith that you will find your ‘One Great Love’ but don’t let that be your driving force.
“I went through a litany of relationships desperately believing in finding my One Great Love.  I got to the point where I thought, well, that’s it, I’m only ever going to be truly happy alone.  As soon as I let go and was content in myself, I found him.  The funny thing is that I had a superstitious feeling that I had to get to this place (of emotional self-sufficiency) to be in the right place to find my One, but I couldn’t force myself to let go, it only happened when I’d given up on love, and I was OK with that.”
There are so many interesting things about Molly that could fill several posts but some other stuff we found interesting included:
  • she can do cartwheels and handstands (v. impressed)
  • she makes a mean pumpkin and coconut cream soup (it was yummy)
  • she’s a member of Acro circus school at Ferntree and keeps up her circus skills there with the other fezes (Forest folk!)
  • she’s movie obsessed (see her blog site for her move list) and
  • she’s on maternity leave (of sorts) from the Convict City Rollers (one of Hobart’s roller derby girl teams)

Pretty cool chick right?

She’s full to the brink and she’s got aspirations to boot. She’s got a very cool blog called Death in December. As a relatively new mummy, she is conscious of leaving her legacy and through that, living her life to the full. Join her and plan your death and doing so, live. This is Molly. She’s great.
She and her family see a stint in international aid in their future.
 “If I was able to volunteer for the rest of my life I would be a happy girl.”
She wants to keep making a contribution and she’s committed. What might she want most of all?
“I’d like to change the world with a ground breaking idea!”
We think if anyone’s going to do this, Ms Kendall might just be the one.

6 thoughts on “Blue Mountains, Alice Springs and Hobart

  1. WOW! I feel honored!

    Thanks so much for the great interview Skye! Loved sharing the afternoon and the Moonah hood with you!

    I love living in Moonah! Salt cafe and Global Kitchen are standouts but we also have some groovy stores Roller Derby games nearby (Aurora Stadium) and the awesome Mission Opp Shop. I love walking around on a wet night, as the food smells of the world creep out to the rain-kissed streets.

    So glad two-girls-about-town are here to celebrate loving the gorgeous place we call home.

    We are so lucky xx

  2. I'm so glad this lady exists, and even better that she's a friend and neighbour!

    Great profile.

    p.s. your liminality link is broken, but I AM interested in the idea.

  3. My Moonah tips as a Moonah local:

    Salt Cafe for the best coffee north of Creek Rd (and which holds its own with the best of CBD coffee).

    Then there's the hidden gem Kawasemi Japanese Teahouse, which I've been assured by a professional foodie is the best Japanese cuisine in the state.

    Not too much on the menu for vegetarians at Kawasemi though, but never fear, at the Island Markets there's the vegan-friendly Vegelicious Cafe (plus vegetarian options at the aforementioned Global Kitchen).

    Then there's Ms Katt's Kustom House for all your Rockabilly and Roller Derby clothing needs. As mentioned by Molly, roller derby games are played at the Aurora Stadium, which is right on the Flannelette Curtain; but technically I suspect in New Town, not Moonah (though we do get to lay claim to Putters Adventure Golf across the road/curtain – yeah, clutching at straws now, I know). And I call it the Flannelette Curtain because as mentioned earlier, I believe Salt Cafe has now moved the Latte Line further north.

    Also related to Kustom/Rockabilly culture, we have the Moonah Bowling Alley.

    We have all the Denison state electorate offices, and the fiercely proud "North of Creek Road" lawyer [and practice of] Robert Blissenden, who has amongst other cases successfully defended high-profile anti-battery hen campaigner, Pam Clark.

    All that Moonah now lacks is a truly groovy pub, which given the changing demographics of the area is an opportunity ripe for the picking… and that is my challenge to any current or aspiring Licensees out there.

  4. Cybersomatic great post! Thanks for sharing. We're wondering if you might be an unassuming public servant by day and Rockabilly radical by night (and weekends)..strolling the streets of Moonah, checked shirt, piercings, cap, arm in arm with a roller derby babe and child of love.
    Whether we've hit the nail on the head or not, you have identified many Moonah highlights. It's a rockin' place with plenty going for in and even more opportunities.
    Hope to see you pass by our blog again.
    Alternatively we may see you dining at one of your recommended dining spots soon…if only we knew who you were 😉

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