On the other side of the flannelette curtain II

Paella and churros in Moonah

Hands up who remembers Sisco’s Restaurant? (Me! Me! Me! Me!).

Sisco’s was a Hobart eating institution specialising in Spanish and seafood up until it closed around 2007.
In one Girl’s memory it was first located in Macquarie Street right next door to St David’s Cathedral, before moving to Murray Street Pier to sit atop Blue Skies.
A little while ago we committed to celebrating some of the things that the other side of the flannelette curtain has to offer. We promptly went on a wee walk in the Myrtle Forest of Collinsvale.
Now we’re sharing what may well be, the flannelette curtain’s most closely guarded secret. Just The Two Girls and those-in-the-northern-suburbs-know, know that Sisco’s, the one and only, can now be found in Moonah.

Maybe the idea of the Island Markets doesn’t do it for you, but wrap your head around this.

The Island Markets in Moonah was established by the Caccavo family in 2002.
Inside you will find one of our favourite hidden gems, not for the locals though, they flock to it.
Churros Cafe is run by the wife of one of Island Market’s owners and the former owner of Sisco’s .
Not that long after the heady life of a Restaurant owner drew to a close, she became bored with being a stay-at-home wifey.  She reintroduced herself back into hospitality slowly, making coffee. Then her groupies worked out where she could be found and started requesting caramel soufflé cake, paella etc etc.

So began Churros Café where you can get a beautiful serve of paella filled with chorizo, chicken, prawns and mussels for less than $10.

You don’t want to know what you would have paid for the same meal at Sisco’s. Notwithstanding that instead of one of the best views in Hobart and silver service it now comes in recyclable cardboard and you eat in a barn. Let’s put that aside for a minute because they do do takeaway.
Tip: get there are 12 noon if you want the paella, it sells out quick-smart.
But there are other fantastic things to eat there: tortillas, empanadas and an amazing array of desserts.
Their coffee is good and you can’t go without having a serve of their Churros. Ask for the pot of dipping chocolate on the side.

Don’t be fooled. Churros are not easy to make. You might remember a not so happy Ethos reference not so long ago.

You might surprise yourself at Island Markets. Some of the other reasons people go:

  • Cheap seafood
  • Hmong vegies
  • Vegan takeaway
  • Asian goods
Have you an Island Markets tip to share?


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