Ticket for one


Relax. This is not another break up story.
But we are thinking about being in the world by yourself. When we were younger we could not imagine going out alone.
Loser. Nigel no friends. Loner. Pathetic. Sad. You’d never catch me doing that.
Now we’re older, we’ve turned a corner. Now we look out for the chance to hang by ourselves.
Independent. Self-assured. Confident. ‘Making our mark on the world’.
These are some of the things we like doing by ourselves.
Going to the movies
One of this Girl’s favourite things is to go see a film by myself.
It all started when I was stood up by a girlfriend. We had planned to see Julie and Julia and she cancelled at the last minute. I really wanted to go so I decided to take myself off on that Sunday morning, by myself.
At first I was a little daunted. I soon discovered the half dozen seats occupied were taken by women flying solo.
Now it is one of the things I do for myself.Over recent years, during winter illness, complete with cabin fever, I have taken myself off to the State Cinema to catch a flick: glass of sparkling in hand, munching on honeycomb and trying to suppress the coughs.

A mid-week screening or a Saturday afternoon, going to the movies by yourself is a like a special treat.

Eating breakfast out
Most of the time it strikes me when I should be somewhere else and I notice people out enjoying themselves. I want to be out enjoying myself, having breakfast in a cosy cafe and reading the paper.
The last time this Girl did it was mid-week. Instead of walking into work from North Hobart, I got off the bus closer to town. I took advantage of the early hour and before I had to start work, I shouted myself to breakfast.
I got to the Basket and Green and sat right in front of the heater where it was gloriously warm. I read the paper and indulged in a Rosti stack with
mushrooms and pesto. It was the perfect way to start my day.
And I wasn’t alone being alone. There were around five others eating by themselves.
Being comfortable in your own skin

Hobart is a great place to hang by yourself. The State Cinema is a welcoming safe space to hang by yourself. In fact, while shooting the breeze over this blog the Two Girls met Shae eating by herself. She told us how much she enjoyed her own company and her own ritual of a flick at the State on a Sunday afternoon.

There are heaps of great cafes where it is okay to use a table for two, for one.
Spending time by yourself is more than healthy. You don’t have to shut yourself away inside. You can get out in the world and enjoy yourself. There is something fundamental about being
comfortable in yourself. Flying solo in public is where you embrace it.
What’s your favourite thing to do by yourself?

2 thoughts on “Ticket for one

  1. YES! Even in my teen years I was (or, I felt) a bit unusual in craving alone time. I don't mean in my room with my headphones on, but out in the world. My favourites are sitting and reading or drawing in a park, treating myself at a favourite cafe, checking out exhibitions (and moving through them at my own pace), or indeed going to a film.

    I think perhaps it's not as unusual as I thought though, especially for creative people. When you're alone you are able to really listen to yourself, and also to observe the happenings around you. Which, always, is a real treat.

    I think it is this kind of time that I miss the most while mothering my young son. Every carefully negotiated (and rare) moment alone must be filled with productivity because the next one could be a long time coming.

  2. Oh Owlissa! You have inspired us. What a thoughtful and thought provoking post! We love your reflection on the things that matter most for you and your journey finding the balance between giving and caring for your baby boy and for yourself. Thank you for sharing. The very best wishes and our love to you xxxx

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