Hobart Street Art


Example 1 (x 2)
 Love it or hate it, art in public places brings meaning to our streets, alleys and buildings.
Some of it is sanctioned, funded and maintained. Some is opportunistic and subversive. Some you will find beautiful and other work you will just wonder why. No, really why?
Example 2
Art in public places has the potential to make you think.
It brings colour to the drudgery of our city streets.
Example 3 (x 3)
Some of it, when done well, provides a forum for community participation, ownership and inclusivity.
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6
Example 7
It is nice to know that it is out there.
Example 8 (x2)
Note- not all of these pieces can still be found (damn Hobart City Council and their graffiti painting program – this is art dudes!)
 Do you know where these pieces live?


Match the examples to an option below 🙂
(a) Elizabeth Street at Pedestrian Crossing, North Hobart
(b) Corner Elizabeth and Melville Streets, Hobart
(c) Murray Street (outside Hudson’s Coffee), Hobart
(d) Corner Elizabeth and Warwick Streets, Hobart
(e) Bathurst Street alley between 99 Bathurst Street and the old Telstra shop, Hobart
(f) Alley to Little Arthur Street North Hobart
(g) IXL Building side alley, Docks area, Hobart
(h) Between 113 – 119 Harrington Street (Liverpool and Bathurst Streets), Hobart
 Want to know more?


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