Ms Katt’s Kustom House

On the other side of the flannelette curtain IV
What you will find at Kustom House
Ms Katt is like no other.

She is young, a business woman, a glamour-puss and she is changing the face of the northern suburbs.
Katt Strachan aka Ms Katt of Ms Katt’s Kustom House is a legend, and not just in Moonah.
Ms Katt
There is really nothing else that can be compared with Kustom House in Hobart. Route 66 does rockabilly of course, but Ms Katt’s Kustom’s House is more well rounded.
Rockabilly look

Literally of course.  Her sizes range from the teeny tiny to big girls and if she does not have it, she can often get it in.

Her gear extends beyond rockabilly.
Kustom House is sometimes mistaken an alternative goth shop. Ms Katt reckons that most people can walk through the doors and find something they want to wear. We do not think that is the problem. The problem is there is way too much you want to wear there.

Psychobilly look

It has got its fair share of psychobilly, which is great because every wardrobe needs a piece of two, but her stock like her taste is more grown up and you will find the very sexy 1940s and 1950s look throughout the shop. And that’s a look that works on practically everyone.

More psychobilly
Kustom House brings to modern fabric and modern design to retro.
A huge range of people come by Ms Katt’s. She reckons they know they can get a gorgeous frock and not pay Yeltour prices.
Her clientele include strippers, real estate agents, car sales people, optometrists and we remind her, unassuming public servants too!

Public servant wearing Stop Staring – you can find Stop Staring at Kustom House

She tells us Princess Mary’s niece shops there and so has Wendy Kennedy. We think Wendy is great and not just because she has blogged for us!

Fashion ethos
What drives a woman to dress as hot as Ms Katt and to commit herself to helping others look just as good?
Ms Katt’s fashion ethos is ‘You feel good if you look good and if you look good you feel even better.’ She thinks it is okay to make a bit of an effort.
It’s all about the shoes

Ms Katt and the Two Girls can agree on this: we all lament the public-pajama-wearing fad that we are hoping was just a one hit wonder.

When asked about her style she tells us she has always stood apart from the crowd and she has always been in to fashion.
Ms Katt has always wanted to defy the trends and phases of fashion and find a style of her own. And like everyone who goes out into the world and finds their own path there has been a personal cost.‘All my life I looked different to other people, I dressed differently. It made me an outcast especially in school.’

When she started stylin’ she described her approach as pychobilly – rockabilly – zombies and skulls. She has a thing for skulls and zombies. Well who doesn’t?
Guys and gals and little ones too

Ms Katt’s is not what you expect to find in little old Moonah but it is part of the changing dynamic of the northern suburbs. Rents are cheaper, the suburbs are gentrifying and it is all making for new community with new interests. We think that it is great.

Kustom House has been in Moonah since 2010. She used to be a few shops up but has expanded to her new locale since 22 May 2010, that’s number 69 Main Road in case you didn’t know.Open the door, walk in and try something on.

Ms Katt’s Kustom House – where pin ups are born xxxx

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