Honouring the past

Tomorrow is an anniversary.
So the Two Girls are thinking about loss and honouring the past.
For each, a personal loss: experienced in recent times.
Completely different losses, but they are not so different at all.
They can be recognised by dates on calendars and on days leading up to those markers: like the loss that we will pay our respect to tomorrow.
Sometimes you catch yourself realising you have not remembered. You have filled your life so far that the overflow has carried memories away.
The hybrid of emotions: fear, anger, hurt and despair, might make it hard to remember that there was something good.
Remembering matters because it was a part of your life: because it was something that mattered to you and that still matters.
It matters because it is a sign of respect, to them and to you.
It might be through sharing with friends; or rites and gatherings; or simply stopping and thinking about something that was good.
So on this anniversary, and other days, and just because: we are going to remember and to honour the past.

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