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If you’re not a Tasmanian, you probably know of Salamanca Markets.
If you are a Tasmanian, there is a fair chance you are well-over Salamanca and the growing body of cheap imports that have taken taken over in recent years.
Err..’scuse me, The Two Girls would like to introduce you to the market. As in, THE market! Our new bestest shopping buddy for things lovely.
Come in, we’re open!


The market is the 2009 lovechild of friends and business partners, Shannon and Holly, who felt there were few opportunities left in Hobart to access locally made arts and crafts. They wanted to create a space to also showcase our emerging designers and makers too.

A taste of what awaits inside the market.
These girls have high standards. Not just anyone can exhibit at the market. They are focused on high-end (not necessarily high-value) unique pieces.
In recent times, many of the designers and makers represented at the market have manoeuvred into Salamanca Markets and are contributing to their revitalisation (if you haven’t been for a while – go check them out, particularly the St David’s Park end).
The advantage of visiting the market is that you won’t need to deal with the chaff here, it is all good. In fact, it is a little too good because the Two Girls, and their lovely sidekick-for-the-day, spent FAR too much money, even if it was loads of fun! You won’t have to fight your way through the throng either and the location is charming and art deco and allows you access into the secret society of the Freemasons (aka the Masonic Temple 3 Sandy Bay Road).
We could not do the entire markets justice, so here are a few things that took the fancy of the Two Girls.

The delightful Kate

Apart from the fact that she might be the loveliest person alive, the absolutely delightful print maker, Kate Piekutowski, has a beautiful aesthetic and the One Girl most fond of printmaking was captivated. You will find images of women, birds, fashion and music predominate in her work, but what seems to be really important to Kate is sense of place and connection with family and home.

Sew your own bird.

Tonia aka the paper shed, has the most beautiful bird sewing kits. We didn’t meet Tonia. We often discovered the artists’ loved ones at these stalls, managing the transactions, whilst the creative genius rested, provided childcare or churned out more produce.

The partner tells us that in the past, Tonia used to sew these sweet birds herself for sale. Then she sensibly took her love the next step, and decided that there would be more enjoyment for the buyer if they sewed their own birds. Now she makes bird sewing kits and they work for anyone from about 10 years and up.

Cute cute cute went to Elliot my Dear which is the artwork of Sara Millicent Elliot, but is really a collaboration between Sara and her partner, Hamish, who transfers Sara’s oil and water colours into digital images for reproduction on prints, cards, badges and other bits and pieces.

The Two Girls met their delightful and exceptionally cute children. The world, please meet Aubrey (aka beautiful beanie baby boy), Freida (charismatic girl child) and Declan (patient and calm big brother).  The Two Girls and our sidekick bought badges and prints from Sara and Hamish on our shopping day.
The family – check out beautiful beanie baby boy!

Of course we ate.

One Girl chose a white chocolate and lime cheesecake from Macarons by Ruby. Macarons by Ruby is actually two sisters, Renella and Hazel, although we meet Chris, their brother during our spending frenzy. You may have seen their goods, macarons mostly, sold at Fullers, Bodem in Habitat and Munchie Muffins, although they have much more to offer at the market.

There were other good food stuffs at the market. We picked up great preserves from Amanda Jammm- Daily Pleasures. She brings a little je ne sais quoi to the art of jam. To give you a figurative taste, One Girl’s selections of her sweet spreads were: Peach, apricot, cointreau and white chocolate (GET OUT OF TOWN!) and for a certain lovely, Pear and chocolate. If you are wondering if it is possible to maximise your enjoyment of these jams, apply them to croissant.

Amanda Jammm
Next door was the fudge a’fare where we met pastry chef and fudge maker extraordinaire Danielle, and enjoyed jaffa, and raspberry and dark chocolate fudge.
Fess up: we did enjoy a small sample at Danielle’s expense, but we were all determined to buy her fudge on the basis of the free tasters alone it was so good. HONEST!


Fudge extraordinaire-maker Danielle.


Get yourself a good coffee and a roll from BaristaSista. They are not really sisters – they are mother, Simone, and daughter, Chelsea, who recently bought the business from Anja Boot.  We met them on their very first day!
Simone and Chelsea
We found a lot of the stalls have their own eftpos facility – but for those that don’t – you can take your purchase docket to the lovely Shannon or Holly at the front desk and they will process your eftpos transaction for you.  We think they may have thought of everything! So it is highly likely your plastic will take a flogging.

One Girl made a small purchase from the talented silver maker, Michelle Clark of Burnished.

See the ring front left?!!!

Finally, the wonderful Holly who designs and makes the Hiiragi doll and tees which you can also buy at MONA. Holly is an inspiration and has been blogged about elsewhere.

There is more nice people represented at the market than in the general population AND it isn’t related to their desire for a sale. They’re just really nice!
What inspires Holly? Dictators. There’s SO much material to use. Each toy has their own little despot personality. Holly’s work makes for funky gifts for adolescents and hipsters.
This here are twenty first century artists and they know about marketing. Most have websites or blogs and you can make purchases from many of these sites. Use the links we have provided to find out more about the market and these fantastic designers and makers.
Or just go to the market and meet these exceptional people.The market is next on Saturday, 8 December and Sunday, 9 December 2012, 10 am until 3 pm.


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