With compliments


A compliment can be fraught; and not just because it presents a spelling challenge for so many.
A compliment can be like an oasis in a desert. You might thirst for it like fresh water, but it remains out of your reach. Sometimes the people you need to hear a compliment from are bone dry and they struggle to draw down deeply to find sustenance for those around them. A compliment can be hard to give and evasive when you need it most.

Thank you to the staff member of 99 Bathurst Street who created
the ‘Free compliments’ sign with detachable compliments. This was found in one
of the lifts.


A compliment can be like a schoolyard prank. Everyone else gets it and you have a sinking feeling that maybe it’s you who’s the brunt of the joke, you just haven’t worked it out yet. Or it’s like a lie; something that can’t possibly be the truth speaking. A compliment can be hard to hear.
A compliment can come in plural; a tidal wave of attention surging on your shore so you are gasping for air above the foaming density of the ocean around you. All those compliments can overwhelm you.

One Girl chose ‘You’re awesome’.


I really like you.
That was a good idea.
You’re wonderful.
That was really kind of you.
You’ve done a fantastic job.
You are one of the cleverest people I know.
You’re so beautiful.
You look great.
A compliment is appreciation, acknowledgement, praise, validation, admiration, courtesy.
There’s nothing hard in that.
A compliment is an act of love: an expression of love to someone as you give a compliment and as an act of self-love to accept a compliment.
That’s not hard at all.
What’s the last compliment you gave or received?

2 thoughts on “With compliments

  1. I am guilty for not being able to even remember the last compliment I received. I think perhaps because I have a hard time believing them 🙂 Having said that…. I try to compliment people as much as possible. The last memorable one was to a close friend of mine when I told him that he was the best decision I had made in the past 12 months. We started as a PT / very overweight and insecure client relationship and through lots of blood, sweat and tears we have become friends and I kinda think he is a little bit awesome haha

    BTW – I love reading your blog… keep up the great work ladies!

  2. YAY Renee!! You sound pretty awesome too!! Hey if one us gave you a birthday present you'd believe it was for you and you'd accept it right? Same with those compliments! Take it, and open up to it! Thanks for your post xxxxx

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