Hidden away in the stairwell behind Jack Green in Salamanca is Naked Exclusive Hair Salon.
The gorgeous Gabriella Vecchione (Gabi), formally of White Salon, returns to Hobart after 2 1/2 years to open her new hair salon
Little known fact: Gabi’s previous Salon, White, was housed on the entire top floor of Jack Green.
Like many of her loyal followers, it has been over 2 years since this One Girl had her hair done by Gabi.  Gabi gave up hairdressing for this period of time and moved out of Hobart to support her husband’s career, but now they’re back! There is nothing so comforting as the return of a favourite hairdresser. It says, all is right with the world again.
As most of you will agree, a hairdresser is not just someone who cuts and styles one’s hair. A hairdresser is a friend, confidant, and most importantly, someone you put your trust in.
This One Girl had been going to Gabi for over 10 years and first met her when she owned ‘Some Hallucinations’ in Salamanca. Gabi knows this Girl’s family almost inside out, and has shared in their joys and sorrows.  For this girl, coming back to Gabi is like coming home.A hairdresser can be like family too.

Now let’s talk Naked!
Naked is; Natural, Beautiful, Intimate.
This is a high class salon without the pretentiousness.
Like it’s owner, Naked is very stylish and quirky.  The gorgeous neon sign which Gabi designed herself is the first thing that grabs your attention as you walk up the stairs toward the salon.
Gabi has taken a minamislit approbach to the salon’s design, while giving it a rustic feel that speaks class, not outback.
The refreshments are exceptional at Naked and believe me when I tell you, you will want to spend time in a chair at the basin!
Yes it is a massage chair and yes it is dreamy!
Gabi’s pride and joy, her goat skin chair with this One Girl’s gift to Gaby of beautiful Warratah’s fresh from the Salamanca Market.

Two Girls’ opinion: If you’re going to eat animals, maximise what we use of the animal. We know some people think hides are cruel or weird but unless you are committed to not eating meat, then an animal skin seems like a reasonable thing to cover your floor with.

Gabi uses O&M products which are completely ammonia and sulphate free.  They are the highest quality and newest products on the market.All the colours are full of almond oil, maroccan oil and Tasmanian kelp.  To top it off, these products are made in Australia.

There are no fumes or chemicals at Naked, just delicious smells of vanilla and coconut. These products leave your hair in a better condition that when you walk in.

So there you have it – the newest salon in Hobart and if you’re quick, you might too be lucky enough to become one of Gabi’s regulars before she closes her books.

The really nice thing about Naked is, unless you want to bring a friend along, you are the only one in the salon.  The whole experience is totally about you and the Two Girls love that sort of attention!

Check out their Facebook page Naked Exclusive Salon or give Gabi a call on 6223 3633

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