A recent lunch with boozy Friday lunch friend was spent at Salvete.
Basically, because it was off this Girl’s radar. Then it started bleep bleep bleeping off in the distance and it was time to go find out what it had to offer.
This Girl is the type of foodie that pores over the Age Good Food Guide and Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide before heading across the Bass Strait to choose my eating venues. These references help produce a short-list. Each restaurant’s menu is then reviewed on-line, reservations made, and an eating itinerary produced.
Food destinations are a serious business.
After an on-line wander over Salvete’s menu, it was clear that this cafe was not going to set the world, or this Girl, on fire.
The menu reads like a breakfast venue: Salamanca markets and lazy Sunday brunch.



Any menu with a Jansz breakfast is worth checking out though.


There are lunch options too and it is licensed; which is obviously mandatory with boozy Friday lunch friend.
Unfortunately, once positioned at our outdoor table looking over Salamanca Square and reviewing the menu in situ, we were a whisker away from choosing a liquid lunch.
Looking out over Salamanca Place
The upside is that although there’s only two sparkling options on the drinks menu, they both come in under $40. This makes Salvete one of the cheapest places to drink in Salamanca. This Girl chose the Devil’s Corner ($28) for the little known pleasure of a cheap lunch bill.
Our choices were the Huon Mushroom Burger and the Pork Belly Sandwich which were both tasty enough, but not particularly inspired.


Note the absence of food photos for a reason. Try an imagine a big bread roll with a load of mushrooms; that’s basically it.
What this Girl likes about Salvete is their ethos.
Our table attendant was a bubbly, happy, delightful person.
This Girl isn’t sure whether she is naturally exuberant or whether she had a hot date at closing time and was keen to shut up shop, because the outdoor furniture was packed away around us like her life depended on it. Needless to say, we didn’t get offered dessert.
We took our business elsewhere and chose a mojito for after lunch refreshments at The Quarry.
This Girl is not making a beeline back there for sure, but if you are stuck for somewhere for a weekend breakfast or lunch, this café has plenty of options, and a variety of prices. It won’t be the end of the world.
What were your impressions of Salvete?


3 thoughts on “Salvete

  1. I feel the same about Salvete. It's been almost a year since I last ate there and I've managed to avoid it since. I had terrible service and ordinary food, I was wondering if they had lifter their game in the last year. Obviously not!

  2. Thanks for letting us know Eska! We've been chatting about Salvete on facebook and with colleagues and friends and we're yet to hear any good news. The best review is 'ordinary' and the worst review is unpleasant food and service. Watch this space…maybe we will change for the good. Thanks for posting xxx

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