Mulan Take II

The Two Girls decided Mulan was worth revisiting. You might remember our first visit: beautiful decor, better than average Chinese-fare, under-developed service.
Tofu SO good it bears repeating

Would the service be better and what would a different perspective on the menu bring?

So we scheduled a dinner – Two Girls Revisit Mulan – with invited guests. There was: one sweetheart-Deputy, one lovely-sidekick-for-the-day and Richie Rich aka Hollywood or the Gas Man.
Steamed Eggplant with Three Flavours – spicy and delicious
It started with pre-dinner drinks at Raincheck and then we toddled off to Mulan with the five bottles of Taltani TV edition bought at the discounted price of $10 per bottle from Cool Wines. Remember one of the selling points for Mulan is that it is BYO. BYO is a species nearing extinction and in need of dedicated protection. If the food wasn’t as good as it is, we’d still suggest you get behind this conservation initiative.
Sweet and Sour Pork
Let’s just cut to the chase: the service is still a bit hit and miss, but the verdict of the Two Girls and their entourage, is the food is seriously good.
You know what happens when you muck around? Someone always gets hurt. At least that’s what my parents told me. In this situation there was flying tofu and a champagne glass narrowly saved from an early demise.

What we ate:

For entrée which they adapted for 5 people –
Beef Spring Roll (4 pieces), $8
Steamed Eggplant with Three Flavours, $18
Pan-fried Pork Mince Dumpling (6 pieces), $12
Salt and Pepper Tofu with Parsley Dressing, $16*
Bang Bang Chicken, $16
Buddha’s Feast
For mains:
Singapore Noodle, $18
Sizzling Chicken Breast with ‘Luo Ding’ Black Bean Sauce#, $24
Buddha’s Feast, $18
Kung Pow Chicken, $24
Sweet and Sour Pork**, $23
Pan-fried Pork Mince Dumplings

And we cajoled Ricardo into ordering dessert…with five spoons. Contrary to our prejudice about dessert in Chinese restaurants, it is worth the try. Not dying for a fabulous dessert-try but a new worthy dessert experience.

The one and only dessert: Fried Glutinous Rice Ball with Ice Cream (Glutinous Rice Flour, Red Bean Paste Filling, Sesame Seeds, Caster Sugar, Milk)##, $8
*The second time the Two Girls have ordered it because is so good and excellent value for money – a big entrée.
#The order was for eye fillet, not chicken, but we were not keen on making a fuss on this occasion.
**No glutinous mass of sugar was this dish!
##Isn’t it sweet how the propensity to describe a menu to the nth degree is pushed just that bit further with the addition of caster sugar and milk?
Sizzling Chicken Breast with ‘Luo Ding’ Black Bean Sauce

The Two Girls reckon Mulan is a serious contender in the Hobart food scene and we encourage its patronage. Go check it out and encourage them to build their customer service. Everyone has an area that could benefit from development and with support and feedback, this restaurant could easily move from good to excellent.

The one and only dessert!
Have you visited Cool Wines?
More about Richardo
Watch this space for a special guest post from the sweetheart-Deputy coming soon. He’s like, a real writer.
And of course, more about our first visit to Mulan!
Wondering what’s on the menu; noting to date they haven’t gone online?

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  1. Hello, love your blog. We finally made it to Mulan last night and made sure we ordered the tofu and eggplant entrees based on your comments. That eggplant is fabulous! The roast duck pancakes were also great … didn't make it to dessert. The only think that was not quite right was the snapper, which could have been a lot fresher.

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