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Malaysian street fare has arrived in Hobart. It’s affordable, tasty, local and the difference between it and other south East Asian restaurants is a welcome relief to the taste buds.
What’s street food? It’s food you buy and eat on the street. Duh. Which means that it’s generally: small plates; cheap; and something you can eat relatively easily and quickly, walking; or standing or perched near the stall where you bought it.


MYU is about 3 or 4 months old and the love child of Ian and Ling. They’ve been in Tasmania a little longer than that, and wanted to bring a little Sydney good food with them to Hobart. Ta-dah….MYU!!

Ian has worked in some kitchens in Sydney and Ling has been in the hospitality business for the best whack of her career; so they’ve pooled their skills to create a food venue that is less-restaurant and more like having dinner at a friend’s house: relaxed, comfortable and casual. A friend that can cook!

The menu has two parts: small plates you’d think about as entree but they are substantial, so don’t be fooled; and meals in bowls.
Put that tongue back in your mouth!

Our evening’s choices were: the ox tongue and the pancake for the first course. The pancake with its delicious dipping sauce was the meal’s highlight.

My referees tell me that tongue tastes like corned beef. I don’t know about that so much. I don’t much like corned beef. But the tongue was a pleasant meat to eat, thinly sliced and tender, and served on a bed of pickled vegetables.


The dipping sauce recipe courtesy of Ian: dark and light soy sauce, oyster sauce, vegetable oil, seasoning sauce, kecap manis, and sugar to taste.


The mains were less easy to share but were fantastic steaming bowls of spicy flavour. Anchovies were a great addition to a bowl of beef, eggs and noodles and the beef rendang was a surprise of a slurry, not the dry Indonesian curry style.

It is worth bemoaning the wine list. It is printed on a menu to lull you into a fall sense that you will be able to name your poison. You won’t. So be prepare yourself now.

But if you fancy Asian food and you’re up for trying something new, try MYU Easy Bites. It is a new home for Hobart foodies who have been longing for tasty food at excellent value.

You can find MYU at Shop 2, 93 New Town Road, New Town Hobart, 6228 7777.

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3 thoughts on “MYU Easy Bites

  1. I remember the street food from when I spent time working in Fiji. It was some of the most interesting fair I had there. Will have to try MYU next time K and I are out without the kids!

  2. Fabulous find. Only had the street bites but all of them and some more than once. Great food friendly and knowledge service ie hospitable. Many hobart restsuranys coyld lesrn frim this place where nothing is a trouble and service is the key and customers are the focus.

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