Richmond Village

Recently one of the Two Girls went for an evening drive to Richmond with her two nieces and great niece ‘The Little One’.  Our mission, to spend some time feeding the ducks at Richmond.

It was a beautiful friday evening, and the ducks happily gathered around to share in the bread we had for them.

Although The Little One started by eating more bread than she gave to the ducks.

She did get the hang of it in the end!

While we were there we took a walk along the river to to the Richmond Bridge.

There were a few people with their professional cameras taking pictures.  The girls however just wanted to sit on the dock with their feet in the water, watching the ducks swim past.

Richmond is so close to Hobart, the drive only took us about 20 minutes.  However this was my first visit back in at least 6 years!

Richmond Bridge, Australia’s oldest bridge still in use.

While we were there, we discovered there are many things to do at Richmond so we’ve made a date to go back.  A picnic, a row down the river in the boats for hire, a trip to the maze and without doubt – a visit to the lolly shop!

Have you explored your local tourist towns lately? 

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