Getting Around Hobart

Getting Around Hobart

I saw this advert in our lifts today and it got me thinking of how easy it is to get around Hobart using the bus services available.

The Two Girls are advocates of public transport and both are regular users.  One a long time user and the other, well she’s new to the scene.  The newbie is still working her way up the bus, initially starting by sitting in the very front seats, now even venturing to the middle of the bus.  That is unless the other girl is with her, then she’s a back seat passenger!
Hobart has a pretty good public transport system, so much so it caters for the events that happen in Hobart throughout the year.
The Hobart City Council offers a free Saturday shuttle bus, the Hobart Hopper  that loops the city every 10 minutes from 8:30am to 4pm.
In the lead up to Christmas and over the Christmas/New Year period they have the Park and Ride shuttle bus service that takes you from the Regatta Grounds to the city.  Monday to Friday it drops you off in the heart of the city.  On Saturday’s they extend to include a stop at Salamanca Market.  Then for the duration of the Taste Festival they have a Taste Park and Ride service that also leaves from the Regatta Ground but drops you off in on at the wharf, a quick stroll then gets you to The Taste.
Metro Tasmania, in addition to their regular bus service, also offers special events such as the newly advertised ‘Have a Weekend on Us’ which is their free bus service over the Regatta long weekend.
On New Year’s Eve the Two Girls took advantage of the Metro’s $2 fares to get us to The Taste Festival and home again.
All in all there are cheap, sometimes even free, ways to get around the city without the hassle of taking a car.  Saves money, saves stress and is great for this beautiful planet we call home.
 The Two Girls take advantage of the time spent on the bus, generally catching up on their next move in Words with Friends, it’s a rare event this girl wins, so any win must be celebrated!.
The Two Girls have also been known to update their Facebook status while on the bus with things such as:







Then there are the ‘interesting’ things you see and hear while travelling on a bus.  As mentioned by One Girl earlier in her Facebook post, people aren’t scared to openly and loudly use any swear word – that’s right, nothing is out of bounds for some of our bus travelling friends.  It’s not all sweetness and light!
There are regulars that you get to know, thankfully for one of the Two Girls who lost her purse on the bus going home one night.  The lovely Mary and her partner handed it straight to the bus driver and it was re-united with the girl the very next day.
There’s the bus drivers that are courteous enough to wait for you to get seated, we like those bus drivers.  Then there are the bus drivers that don’t wait … come on dude, some of us are wearing dresses and heels!
On New Year’s Eve One Girl’s offsider convinced a very drunk party goer catching the bus home that it was 2014, who then shouted to all on the bus ‘Happy 2014 everyone’… you had to be there!
The ‘racing toward the bus so you don’t miss it’ moments of which One Girl witnessed the Other Girl doing one Friday morning.  The words ‘did you witness all that?’ were uttered!  Yes it was frantic but cute to watch!
Tell us the craziest thing you’ve seen or heard on a bus ride.

2 thoughts on “Getting Around Hobart

  1. Great post!! I'm ashamed to say that even though I live in Hobart that knew nothing of the Saturday shuttle! Certainly going to be put on my to do list now though…. Finding a park near Salamanca? Forget about it!!

    1. Glad you liked the post Renee. Let us know how you go if you use the Saturday shuttle. We noticed this morning that a Hobart Hopper bus stop is in the process of being built next to the Melville St car park. Let us know if you spot any others around the city.

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