Celebrating 100 Posts

The Two Girls Hit 100 Posts

The Two Girls are celebrating our 100th post tonight.  100 posts is a milestone.  We’ve been skipping down memory lane reviewing our stats and reflecting on what has been popular and the posts whose potential has not yet been realised!
Here are the posts which captured the most attention.
Mulan is one of North Hobart’s most recent food offerings. Before they had their own website, locals were hungry to learn more about this restaurant and the Two Girls filled the void. Mulan has been our most popular post so far!
What can we say about Dear Chris, it’s heartwarming to know a very personal post mattered to so many other people. Through this post, people have contacted who wanted to re-connect with Chris and it’s been a very moving experience.
Who didn’t love One Girl’s memory of the Harris Scarfe Christmas tree that couldn’t fit in the house!
For anybody who works in offices all around the globe, the most persistent, enduring, enraging, gripe that exists is the state of the office kitchen!

 Here are some posts you might have skipped over.

Richmond is a quaint little town, a thirty minute drive from Hobart and a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  Come and read about One Girl’s time there.

When decisions you make impact others

It’s a careful balancing act between being true to yourself and at the same time, considering the people around you.  This is One Girl’s take on thinking about how your decisions impact on others.

Don’t tell me you don’t like Neil Diamond’s, Sweet Caroline!  What songs bring back memories for you?

Every now and then the Two Girls like to re-create an awesome meal they’ve eaten out.  Check out One Girl’s take on pizza, inspired by Bottega Rotolo.

We know people get a bit freaked out about this sort of stuff, but it’s ok, it’s safe, take our hand and come and visit – an open letter. You don’t have to feel bad or guilty. And you can be part of the solution.

Something you may not know about Living Loving Hobart

Blogspot stats have been an eye opener to us. Unsurprisingly, we have had our most hits respectively in Australia, United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. But Canada, Russia, India, Germany, France and the Philippines are also popular Hobart living loving readers. And we also have reached people from Ethiopia, Vietnam and Mexico!

If you live outside of Hobart, we’d also love to hear from you.  What do you live and love about your home?

Tell us what you think

Sometimes you even post comments, which we love, and we’d love to see more.  We’re even happy to take ideas on posts you’d like to see.

Don’t want to add a comment here? Email us at livinglovinghobart@gmail.com

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