Romance Schmomance

With some fear and trepidation, the Two Girls promenade towards the 14th February.

Case in point.
The lovely Simone Bennett, author of the Tasmanian Menu Book is cooking at the Signal Station Brasserie on Thursday night. You’ll get parking meter change from $100 for a three course degustation and drinks for two people. Well you would if you’d booked early, it’s now sold out.
The 14th February is the only day of the year this Girl studiously avoids restaurants. But for a great view, a great deal and Simone’s cooking, I momentarily considered it.
But not as a valentine!
I sort of asked my mate to be my date. Let’s call her Hot Mamma. She snubbed me.
She wanted to take her beloved. Valentine’s Day is so far off this Girl’s radar, that didn’t even occur to me.
Now point of order.
She’s had dinner with him almost every night for the last eighteen or more years, and we’re foodie-soul-sistas. If there’s any reason to eat out on Valentine’s Day, surely it’s for the shared love of FOOD! Okay, I guess it’s sort of nice she’s wanted to wine and dine him after all this time.
But what’s up the combined noses of the Two Girls, is how contrived the whole thing is.
There’s the expectations that it generates and the pressure to perform the quintessential romantic gesture.
The last time Valentine’s Day was thrust upon this Girl was when I was about 17. Errr…there might have been bad poetry and red foiled rose shaped chocolates somewhere in my early 20s but I’ve repressed the details.
‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks.’
Nope, she’s only just started.
If I was being really cynical, I might suggest that Valentine’s Day is a patriarchal capitalist plot to spread the ideology of the nuclear family. In our couple-orientated society, Valentine’s Day is no comfortable place for our solo-flying friends.


Then there’s the matter of the commercialisation of love. Blah! Like Hallmark needs any help. The other Girl was barely coherent this morning telling me ‘They even make Valentine’s Day balloons! BALLOONS!’ There’s an increasing amount of merchandise you can buy to prove your devotion. Maybe it should be called ‘Support Your Local Florist Day’ who p.s. are preparing to up their prices for the event.

Then there’s all those awful stuffed devils with hearts.

Stop! You’re killing me!

Anniversaries, sure, birthdays, absolutely, but the 14 February? Do we really have to?

The Two Girls totally love love, and love our lovelies.

But that doesn’t mean we’re interested in channeling our affections, social life and hard earned cash into commercial tokens during one spot on the calendar.
What’s that? You like getting flowers and chocolates? It makes you feel special?
Yeah but you don’t need it to validate your relationship right?
Here’s a thought. Be your own valentine. Buy your own flowers. Take yourself out to a movie. Validate yourself.
Want to make someone feel special? Get up early next Sunday morning and make them breakfast in bed. Organise a date on a random night with your loved one. Make it a treat. Cook dinner at home, light some candles and play Sade’s Lover’s Rock. Very smooth, very smoochie. It will be so less contrived.
That’s the problem with Valentine’s Day. It’s obvious. And more than a bit tacky.
There’s so many other opportunities to invest in a relationship or to let someone know they’re schmicky-duck than this Thursday. Like, I don’t know….every day…..
Too harsh?

What’s your Valentine perspective?

Want to do something totally different on 14 February?

By my ValenTarkine – National Day of Action, 11 am – 2 pm, Parliament Laws Hobart and let Minister Burke know you love the beautiful Tarkine and mining it sucks.

Here’s a link to the Tasmanian Menu Book.

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