A movie with a view

Hobart is lucky enough to lay claim to the State Cinema.

The State is still in situ after opening in 1913. There hasn’t always been a cinema there though and it has come close to closing more than once, but more recently, new life has been breathed into the building and it has come into its own.
The cinema has been evolving over the last decade, an additional cinema here, another cinema there, a wine bar and cafe, a bookstore and floors and floors of entertainment space. Its most recent addition, the Roof Top Cinema, is the jewel in the crown.
Launched this summer, the Rooftop Cinema is open Fridays to Sundays. You can go up for a drink between 5 pm and 8 pm or stay on for a movie with screenings from 9 pm. And you do this, looking up to the mountain or out across Hobart’s central business district and docks.

This is the real deal. You get to watch a film, sit on comfy banana or deck chairs, buy a drink or snack at any time and you don’t really disturb anyone but yourself if you have to nick out to the loos mid-film. Blankies are also available to rent for a small charge. Did I mention the scenic backdrop?

One Girl and her lovely Deputy have seen two flicks there over the last week of so. The first was Not Suitable For Children, an Australian romcom with Ryan Kwanten, the bod from True Blood. Margaret and David both gave it four stars, this Girl thought it just scraped in at three but who cares, the view and bubbles made the experience. The second film was Searching for Sugarman which came in for me at four, no maybe four and a half; a wonderful documentary about a talented musician and a humble man. Margaret gave this one four too.

Check the State’s website for each week’s viewings.

And of course, do yourself a favour and go check out the Roof Top Cinema before the weather turns and we Tasmanians bunker down for the winter.

One thought on “A movie with a view

  1. I love it up there 2 Girls. The state should also run the roof top on public holidays. I would so have gone these past 2 hols. Russell

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