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Getting to know the Two Girls About Town

On  27 February 2012, the Two Girls About Town stopped talking about  blogging and pressed ‘publish’. Twelve months and 104 posts later we’ve decided  to revisit how we started in Getting to know the Two Girls About Town.

This post with ten little known things about each of the Two Girls caused us to reflect on how our lives have changed over this last 12 months.
Some of our most popular blog posts have been our restaurant reviews.  Needless to say, we’ve been eating out more. Which is saying  something, because we’ve always eaten out a lot.
During  the year we blogged about some personal things.

Honouring the past recognised the need to pay homage to someone who has been close to you. For One Girl this was the birthday of her only brother who died during the year and for the other Girl, it was consciously and respectfully remembering an important relationship that had ended.

The death of her big brother was not the only loss One Girl faced during our first year. She also had to find a way of farewelling her lovely Nan.  She shared the experience in How do you say…

There was other stuff she had to deal with too. This Girl went looking. At times, she couldn’t remember where she put it, or even that she had it, but when she most needed it, for the people around her and herself, she found her vast reserves of  inner strength and love. Now there’s a post dedicated to her: My friend Angela.

Look mum! I’m all grown up! was the journey the other Girl took to end that long-term  relationship. It’s a post about change and taking a new road, without coordinates.

That  new road led towards a certain Lovely Deputy. He’s a fairly private man, doing important work and making a contribution; saving the world (or a certain part of it) by day, dating One Girl by night. As a result, we will continue to protect his secret identity. This Girl has not written poetry about him, or his toes
more specifically, but he is referenced in a number of posts.

In Sfuso for example, One Girl went solo with his offspring and did a restaurant review at the same time. Yup, pay that one! She was blogging, entertaining and feeding young folk, simultaneously.

Hobart’s a small town and this reverse coming out story meant some friends and acquaintances were a little exercised by identity as a life choice. The explanation came in Sexuality: we can be what we want to be.

Apart  from all of that, we’ve blogged about things we like and like not so much in  Hobart, cooking, our views on the world and ourselves. Today we’re  celebrating our first year. We’ve decided we’re going to keep on at this blogging. We love it. It’s our contribution.

Thanks for your support. We know you’re reading the blog, but do you think you could leave a comment more often? Here’s your chance.

What’s changed for you over this last 12 months?


3 thoughts on “One Year On

  1. Twelve months ago i lost a very dear, much loved and treasured friend – the repercussions from her death were felt far and wide and i grieved for a long time and still am; 7 months ago i met a gorgeous, smart, funny, sexy, sweet, kind, very special woman – im sooooooo enjoying getting to know her and i feel truly blessed by having her love in my life; 5 months ago i changed jobs and now have a way better work life balance than i did for years without sacrificing career possibilities or job satisfaction – something i didnt think was possible. Its been a huge year.

  2. Hey two girls, a belated congratulations on 12 months of blogging from a regular lurker and occasional commenter. Looking forward to the next 12 months, Scott Cragg

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