Hark, that’s no herald.
It’s the latest contribution from this Girl, resounding through the office corridors these last couple of days.
I’ve been sitting at my work station since Monday in a mess of strewn tissues, eyes watering sheets, sneezing in triplicate, muttering incoherently, and generally becoming increasingly crazed.
It’s just the common cold, but I pleaded with the chemist for Sudafed and waiting for it to kick in, I’ve packed it in, and stayed in bed for the day.
Do you take time off work when you’re poorly?
On this matter, I’m historically a poor performer.
With the eye and nose irritation combo, I can barely make out my computer screen, so I’m not very useful. Then there’s the glazed puffy eyes and red nose, which is just quietly, not a look I enjoy in public view.
Vanity aside, I sit in the middle of a team that I manage and where I have been spreading disease and sounding, disgusting.
I don’t expect that they come to work when they’re not well and I don’t want to make them sick either. So, it’s a good thing I’m tucked up in my pajamas, but I’m also wondering why it took me three days to take a day off.
“Everybody here can be replaced. [Turns to an enormous muscle-bound minion] I even have backup for you! It’s called a rhinoceros!”

Mr. Sigfried, Get Smart: The movie
My approach to this is a cocktail with equal parts Protestant work ethic and insecurity.
How sick do you have to be before you don’t go to work?
There’s the dynamic about what decisions are made in your absence that you have no control over (OMG!), the fact you’re not indispensable (WTF!), a work load careering out of control (FFS!) and the perennial issue that you’re worth looking after (oh, that old chestnut).
So if the cold is so common, why aren’t we better at dealing with it?
I liken a sick day to accepting a compliment. You need to value yourself to accept one. Staying in bed when you’re poorly is the same, you need to value yourself to recognise you need to rest. And it’s respectful of the people around you too.
I had a great boss once who told me no one is going to look out for your health except you.
Me, tomorrow morning….
I have his voice in my head each time I get a cold or infection, and I think that each time, I get a little bit better at looking after me.
What about you?

2 thoughts on “Gesundheit!

  1. Hi there! First time commenter! Love, love, love your blog… Lets me live vicariously through you while I plot my move to Tassie. In terms of sick days, I am the same, always feel guilty and worry about other people making decisions about my work. But someone once told me, when you die, your workplace might send flowers. That puts it in perspective !

  2. LOL!! We love that line! Wish we'd thought of it ourselves xx Glad you like what the Two Girls have to offer. Maybe you can plan a little visit soon. We promise to help with your itinerary if you fancy. Come visit us again xx

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