Cake baking aint what it used to be


The Country Women’s Association has just allowed packet cakes into their competitions!
It is the official decline of baking. And quite possibly, the CWA.
There really is enough despair in the world already. This shocking news has sent the Two Girls reeling.
The CWA is renowned for celebrating the domestic work and creative skills of everyone’s Nan. What were they thinking suggesting a packet mix could be considered a legitimate challenge?
At present, the phenomenon is restricted to the Queensland branch. With Campbell Newman and the secession movement, it might be possible to keep this virus contained. But what is even more alarming than the politics, is the CWA’s defence, ‘but there is a talent to making packet cakes, it’s not as easy as it sounds!’
Opening a packet, emptying the contents into a bowl with a couple of eggs and a dash of milk then mixing is not a challenge. There is the issue of getting it out of the oven before it forms a blackened crust but anyone who feeds themselves can sort that out.
Now don’t get us wrong, packet cake mixes have a place in the world. We have it on good authority that Betty Crocker does a mean Devil’s Food Cake mix for example and we get that it’s a good standby when you’re time-poor.
But to suggest that you can demonstrate your cooking skills with a packet mix and allow them in a bake-off, just goes against the grain. If the entrants were really serious about entering a cake competition, they’d take the time to learn how to cook.
To be fair, the Queensland Branch is trying to move with the times and be accessible – don’t know how to bake? That’s no barrier to joining the CWA to sell your….baked goods (?). In the interests of being solution-focused, how about the CWA of Queensland do some succession planning and offer cake cooking classes; to the new generation, and to those oldies amongst us who never had the benefit of Home Economics or strong family ties.
We need to keep the skill of cake cooking alive!  We’re happy to help anyone that wants to learn! (gulp, when did the Other Girl whack that line in? asks the other Girl nervously?).
Fortunately, we have it on good authority that the Tasmanian Branch was as shocked as we were about the news and don’t intend making any policy changes.
The CWA’s Common Sense Cookery Book is the first cookbook Australian youngsters are exposed to.
We need to know some values are sacred. We need to be able to believe in something.

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