Raspberry Fool

Dressed up comfort food is what is on offer at Raspberry Fool, one of Hobart’s quaintest café establishments.
Here you’ll find Australian classics with a modern blessing.

Chewy fig and ginger slice

Raspberry Fool is the love child of Gail Sellin; classically trained, with 25 years industry experience, Gail has gotten her apron grotty with the best of them: Kylie Kwong, Neil Perry, Alex Herbert.

Name dropper.

Passionfruit friands
And why not? Her experience includes some time abroad, working with some of the best and most expensive ingredients available in Europe; in the world of the top restaurants where young chefs chase stars: Michelin stars not superstars that is.
Raspberry and rhubarb crumble cake with custard
Housed in the former La Cuisine on Bathurst Street, the shop front has gorgeous big windows which draw you in and are also a perfect place to watch the world go by. It is reminiscent of a Sydney café Gail used to work in; based in an old General store. She loved how the integrity and charm of that building could be maintained and enlivened by the café. It was the hub of the community – always full of regular faces. Gail wanted to establish a reminder of that space here in Hobart and somewhere she could serve the food she loves: food evocative of nostalgia. The sort of food Hobart’s weather suits perfectly.

What’s a raspberry fool? A mixture of pureed fruit, cream, sugar and a syrup like rosewater.

Some of the Two Girls’ favourites are:
Gail’s meatloaf with beetroot relish, gherkins and cheese toasted sandwich, $12
Chilli bean, silver beet and feta pie, $6
Chewy fig and ginger slice, $4.50
Raspberry and coconut slice, $4.50
Orange truffle, $1
Raspberry and rhubarb crumble cake with custard, $4

You are guaranteed quality and freshness at Raspberry Fool. Gail shops locally and cooks with seasonal produce. You may be able to buy a tomato year round in the supermarkets, but you’re unlikely to find it on the menu now, because at Raspberry Fool you’ll only find them when they are at their best.
Raspberry and coconut slice

Interesting Hobart fact: there is a collective of women with Malaysian heritage who sell their fresh produce directly to local cafes. Gail will design some elements of her menu based on what they have available.

Cinnamon french toast with honey, yoghurt and figs

Gail’s skills are also evident in what she produces and she knows an investment in time is required to achieve the very best. She learnt the hard way on our beloved wagon wheels; a labour of love that takes three days to complete. Yep, three days. The chocolate really will split if the marshmallow has not had its time to set.

Excuse me!!! naked wagon wheels waiting patiently to be dressed thank you very much!

Her scrambled eggs have been described as ‘text book’. They’re one of the menu items she likes cooking the most at the café; standards done to perfection, taking the time to cook them slowly so they are light, fluffy and creamy.

In just over one year of being opened, Raspberry Fool has established devotees. She’s a competent chef is Gail, but she still admits to a wee bit of performance anxiety, particularly when her regulars are selecting a full cake for a special occasion. One of the things this Hobart newbie has found is that there is a sense of community here, where not only do you build up a regular following, you get to know them by name and build relationships.

That’s a nice thing about Hobart.

Regardless of what you choose at Raspberry Fool, or if it is your first time there or hundredth, Gail has put the fullness of her effort into her creations.  You can be assured, if it’s coming out of her kitchen, it will be good.


Raspberry Fool is a truly lovely addition to Hobart’ café culture and a delightful expose of beautiful cakes and pastries. You’ll love the breakfast and lunch options too.
Go, and definitely treat yourself to a wagon wheel.
Savoury crumble with a small serve of roast vegetable and brown rice salad, $9.50

You’ll find Raspberry Fool at 85 Bathurst Street, Hobart. Call on 6231 1274.


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