On kitchen trials and home-made wagon wheels

It’s a true that the Two Girls have a bit of a thing for the home-made Wagon Wheel.


Sigh! A day at home alone and the kitchen all to myself!

This Girl had the day set out in my mind – a calm relaxing day at home.  The Grind Gore Devotee was at work and I had the place to myself with no annoying Star Wars movie playing in the background!

Then I decided to make mini wagon wheels!

That’s the truth sister.

The first part, the biscuits, I was baking and happy and my relaxing day was going well. My fantastic recipe turned out lovely little discs of tasty biscuit dough cooked to perfection.


And that’s where everything changed. My day stopped being relaxing. The art of making Wagon Wheels is not a simple one!

The the pressure of the marshmallow filling was crazy, and I didn’t even make my own marshmallow to the Other Girl’s disdain. The recipe I used called for melting store bought marshmallows with lemonade.


This totally stressed me out. It was too runny, so runny in fact it overflowed the edge of the biscuits. After a great effort, I finally managed to get it to the right temperature so that it would sit nicely on the biscuits without running off. Then it suddenly cooled so firm it wouldn’t budge!

Hang on! That was NEVER going to set!

I had great lumps of marshmallow in the middle of my biscuits before I’d had a chance to spread it evenly to the edges. There I was doing some major squishing when it was time to join the marshmallow biscuit side to the jam biscuit side!

Damn that marshmallow!

Right there and then I was ready to give up so I left the house for an hour or so, to get over the marshmallow experience!

Then it was time to get back into the kitchen, those little biscuits were not going to get the better of me.  It was time to coat them in chocolate.

Thankfully this part wasn’t so hard, just time consuming.

In the end I managed to finish all the biscuits and had before me a sea of chocolate covered discs, hiding a soft and gooey centre.
Now I know it takes Gail from Raspberry Fool three days to make these suckers, I’m feeling a bit better. And I did make my own jam so I guess that helps redeem the use of commercial marshmallows.

They were delicious, so I will make them again and why not add to the stress a little, next time I will even make my own marshmallow!

Nom nom nom nom…

And p.s for all the Other Girl’s turned up nose at the store bought marshmallow, she couldn’t stop eating them.

Kitchen trials, have you had a few?

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