Jackman and McRoss

This Girl has not been to Jackman and McRoss, Victoria Street since Chris died. It’s been a combination of reasons but in the back of my mind, I wondered what it would be like to go and know he wouldn’t be there.

Then the Two Girls were due a catch up. This One was celebrating a birthday and was looking for somewhere a bit classy, not too expensive, and close-by. Somewhere with great food, in a chic inner-city setting.
Jackman and McRoss it was.

A couple of the cakes on display

Hobart has three Jackman and McRoss cafes. The original is in Battery Point and there is one in Newtown and another in Victoria Street.

The Two Girls chose Victoria Street, a great location, still in the centre of town but just a bit out of the way of the throng to take some heat off during a work lunch break.

And Victoria Street is a little bit New York, (or maybe that’s Paris but what would I know?) dark, cool interior; bistro seating; contemporary art; and a front counter display loaded with sumptuous pastry, breads and cakes.

the quail
Victoria Street is a major coffee and morning tea supplier to local businesses. And by morning tea, we’re referring to gigantic raspberry shortcake, lamingtons, passionfruit meringue tarts, opera cakes and the like. They are substantial enough to get you through to mid-afternoon if you were honest with yourself.

Grab a roll to go
But Jackman and McRoss has a great breakfast and lunch menu.
This Girl’s favourite breakfast is the light and buttery Panini with scrambled eggs, roast tomatoes, avocado and bacon. It’s standard breakfast fare done with opulence. The very best to you if you can get through it in one sitting.
For the Two Girls’ lunch we chose:
The marinated smoked pork fillet with stone fruit was not on the menu at the time of posting.

The goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, basil and caramelised onion tart with their side salad served in a sweet individual bowl, $8.50

Marinated smoked pork fillet with stone fruit and corn salsa on toasted flat bread $10.50
For dessert we shared the Opera cake, $8
What’s an Opera cake? – A delicate coffee syrup soaked layers of sponge, ganache and coffee buttercream. It’s delicious.
A Jackman and McRoss version of a meat pie

Jackman and McRoss has a modest wine list and we enjoyed a glass or two of the Joseph Chromy Pepik Sparkling which was good value at $7.50 per glass.

The service is always good. It was a birthday, and the staff, after being secretly asked if they had any candles, presented a brioche bun with a candle in it to our table.  Then Birthday Girl, never backward in coming forward, convinced the waitress and the Other Girl, to sing her Happy Birthday.

There are only a few downsides to Jackman and McRoss, Victoria Street.
It’s dark, so it might not be your first preference on a lovely day, although you might find it perfect during winter.
The salads can be hit or miss – an overabundance of bean sprouts or olives; or huge pieces of broccoli jammed in a little bowl overly dressed.
But that’s about it. The food is pretty much all great. And the coffee is good too.
If you want more light, choose the Battery Point version.
And yes it was strange that Chris wasn’t there making coffees and laughing with customers, but it was okay too, because the cafe continues as he, and the McRoss’ began it.

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