All the things I could be doing


There are a whole lot of things that I’m itchin’ to be doing.
I could be finishing the lovely book I’ve been reading FOREVER!
I could be catching up on the backlog of Gourmet Traveller magazines that look like the Leaning
Tower of Pisa on my coffee table.
Imagine all those recipes to be tested.
I could be getting some exercise, I haven’t been for a swim in weeks.
I could be taking a nice relaxing bath.
This should be full and I should be in it.
I could be raking up the leaves in the backyard and stuffing the last 30 kilos of walnuts into bags so it’s finished for the season!
I could be going to the movies before the $11 tickets I bought from my Union expire.
I could be shooting the breeze with the Other Girl.
Even cleaning the bathroom rates today (it really needs a clean).
The three things I hate about cleaning the bathroom:
1. digging hair and soap scum out of the drain
2. banging into the shower tap and getting drenched
3. cleaning the bathroom
There are the things that I’m doing that I shouldn’t be doing.
I shouldn’t really be blogging.
I shouldn’t be playing Words With Friends.
Then there’s the thing I should be doing:
Definition of desperate: Doing a word count on the first sentence of your 3000 word assignment.
When I set my mind to something I’m pretty determined. I wanted to study again. It’s been 10 years since my last enrolment. I like the discipline that comes with the routine. I like learning and the structure of study works for me. I wanted to get some more credentials and broaden my career options.
But this semester has been killing me and one of the lessons I’ve learnt during this subject is how to procrastinate when writing an assignment.
I know the signs though. I have to read everything. Then I have to go find more stuff to read. Then I have to make notes. Then I have to freak out that I haven’t understood the question. Then I have to read my notes again. Usually then I have to drink something: sometimes, a lot of something. When I finally get to writing, I like to let my structured argument turn to dribble within a
page or two. Then I like to spend even more time rearranging my words and restructuring my argument until the malaise sets in and I let it go (read – complete assignment coversheet and press send).
Wuff wuff xx
So instead of working on that final assignment, I’ve put my mind to the things I prefer to be doing: planning all the things I will be doing next weekend after the due date.
So I’m living in an imagined future and resenting the present I chose.
Because of this, I’m missing out on a few things I could be appreciating right now: the writing that I really enjoy, and the thinking and analysis which helps me learn.
Oh, yeah, and I’m missing out on finishing this sucker sooner rather than later.
So I guess I’ll go face my now and get this thing sorted.
How often do you live in your future rather than face your now?
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