Another Birthday


A year ago, Elena was turning 10 years old and This Girl was having a crisis of cuddles.
Yesterday I took the Lovely Deputy to Elena’s birthday party and for the first time over the last year, she greeted him by name (real name not pseudonym of course). We were both impressed. I guess it’s because she’s growing up.
Last year I posted Do our kids really have to grow up? This year I can see her, plain as day, scampering towards adolescence. I still got two cuddles though.
Instead of giraffe-anything and Harry Potter, this year her present of choice was an iPod. Now it’s all about the iPod.
‘Hear this music? That’s my music!’
She’s deejaying her first gig.
I had one mission: to find the brown bear iPod cover she had seen the week before at Eastlands.
Alas, brown bears only fit iPhones. Freaked out and under pressure, I took photos of all their iPod covers in stock in case she preferred to exchange, and chose a Miss Kitty cover with my fingers crossed. On advice from the Lovely Deputy who likes a gadget and is more experienced in these things generally, I found other sundry iPod paraphernalia: a purple tail for the charger socket and penguin earphones.
‘Yeah, I REALLY like it!’
What were you doing last year?

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