Destination Mako, North Hobart


When does a city like Hobart’s have too much of something?
When This Girl first came to Hobart there wasn’t an Indian restaurant to be seen. Then they started springing up all over the place.
What about seafood: fancy fish ‘n’ chip style? You know, where there’s more on offer than flake or flathead, chips or potato cake?
There’s plenty of places to get fish and chips but there are two big fish in our little Hobart fancy fish and chip pond: Fish Frenzy on Elizabeth Pier and Fish 349, Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.
Well folks Mako just got into the water.
The North Hobart fishmonger has swum upstream and they’ve opened in the new development across the road from their former abode (and p.s. next door to another Hobart fish ‘n’ chippie who are no doubt totally spewin’ about that).
Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Here’s a little something prepared earlier.
The new locale is clean, spacious and has got a bit of everything going on. At the new look North Hobart Mako you can still buy their full range of fresh fish and you can pick up something pre-prepared to re-heat at home. You can also eat in at the bar table along the window and watch North Hobart go by, or you can take it home in a smart, heat resistant, bio-degradable cardboard carrier.
The Two Girls found ourselves at the two-day-old Mako for lunch on a recent rainy Friday.
We were told we were looking at the part-menu with more to come once they were a little more established. We chose: Lemon and szechwan peppered east coast calamari, fried pink eyes, house sauce, $18.90 and House thai fish cakes, ginger, chilli, garlic, lime leaf, lemongrass, coriander, vietnamese mint, fried pink eyes, house sauce, $17.90. You choose your dressing. We had aioli and chilli mayo.
They self-confess the prices are a few dollars more than other places. We don’t know about that so much, we think they probably compare with Fish 349 though.
And the servings are…HUGE. We couldn’t finish our meals.
The meals were both tasty and worthy of a revisit to check out what else they’re doing with the menu.
It’s an interesting menu.  They’re value adding to the fancy fish ‘n’ chips range available in Hobart.  And they’re making the most of what is on offer on site. You can watch the boys do their thing at the exposed kitchen area.  We met Joseph Bugg (head chef) and Blaire Groenewege on the day and watched while they made egg yolk pasta.  We got cooking tips – like you can sprout yellow mustard seeds and use them for a garnish with bite.
We also learnt a bit about their resumes: former Piccalilly, Battery Point; former Battery Point Steakhouse; Ethos; Westend Pumphouse; Pigeonhole Café etc etc. We compared notes on our other recent blogs and the fact all these chefs have worked with each other at some stage or another. The foodie scene in Hobart is one big extended family.
Mako North Hobart is pretty much on a winner. You only need one reason to go in but we reckon you’ll leave with more than what you anticipated. That’s why they’ll be successful.
Fresh fish is prepared for sale in view of the shop front.
If there’s a down side to this establishment for the Two Girls, it’s that they are doing restaurant style food minus the ambience and the alcohol licence. There may be a glimmer of hope though, look what’s moving in next door!
You will now find Mako at 285 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart or call them on 6231 1473. Check them out on Facebook too!

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