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We’re a little late boarding the train, but we managed Ginger Brown for Saturday brunch recently, in the company of Lady P, the 12 year old.

After a small number of casual conversations ending with ‘They do THE best breakfasts EVER’ and a Twitter #editas best Hobart breakfast competition, that had them in highest echelons, our expectations were through the roof.
That’s the thing see, rave reviews are one thing, but they lift the bar on expectations.
There is no doubt that Ginger Brown is pumping. It is practically electric. We’re struggling to think of a café in Hobart that has the energy and turnover these guys have. It’s obviously a happening place full of groovy Hobartians. It’s loud but it is not over-bearing, you can sit in the retro furniture and talk easily. At the front of Ginger Brown you can enjoy the beautiful sun shining through and sit at the bar along the window or on the street.
They have a fascinating menu with a different take on your breakfast standards, a board of specials and another of cakes and biscuits.
What we had:
Baked eggs with potato puree, chorizo, baby spinach, and parmesan, finished with harissa and sourdough soldiers, $17
Poached eggs with a side of Ziggy’s bacon, mushrooms and their spicy tomato relish, $19
Omelette with caramelized onion, spinach and gruyere, $14
There is a necessary wait with baked eggs, so we shared a chocolate and berry muffin and a friand with our startup coffees. Lady P had hot chocolate with the biggest marshmallow in the world.

So the verdict was that the service, presentation and menu were all impressive. On this occasion we had a few disappointments, bitter coffee, inconceivable from one of Hobart’s best baristas; a pedestrian muffin; and room temperature mushrooms.
The Two Girls enjoyed the experience and thought our meals were still pretty tasty. Overall we were pleased we gave it a whirl. One Girl went back last week for a work breakfast and all the meals were excellent. Try the Brekky Trifle, it is delightful. The spiced pumpkin porridge also got rave reviews.
There is no denying it is the heart of South Hobart right now. We’d be interested to hear what you thought.

What’s your take on Ginger Brown?

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4 thoughts on “Ginger Brown

  1. Oh yum!!!!!!!!!! I could go some of those baked eggs right about now! Thank you for this post Two Girls. I and my partner will be in Hobart for a long weekend in October and we are staying in South Hobart so will definitely be making a visit to Ginger Brown. Now… I know this is a tough question, but if you had to recommend your top three places to eat in Hobart, what would they be? We have eaten in a fair few places in Tassie in previous visits, but surprisingly, have not spent much time in Hobart. We are so looking forward to some awesome eating!! Thanks again for your awesome blog 🙂

  2. Excellent! The only thing we've got to say about Ginger Brown is make a reservation! Okay places to eat. What about a shortlist that you can narrow down with some interweb surfing: Me Wah Chinese at Sandy Bay is great, Maldinis for Italian if you're in Salamanca, Piccolo in North Hobart – give them a call, I noticed today the window is covered in newspaper and I'm really hoping they're only refurbing, Ethos in Liverpool Street is definitely worth a look, Garagistes and Sidecar in the city of course and if you have a car, book for Lotus Eater in Cygnet. It is fan-tastic! Enjoy xx and thanks for your post, Two Girls xx

  3. Thank you so much! Jotting these down right now and will be doing some urbanspoon researching shortly. I really appreciate the ideas! Yes, last time we were in Tas in January we walked past Lotus Eater and it looked fantastic but we were only passing through. Will be in that area on one of our days so will definately make sure we go this time. So excited!!

  4. Its round the corner from us so we're there a lot – the food never disappoints and Ben and his staff offer wonderful service.
    But yes – make a reservation!!

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