Do you cook it, or do you chuck it out?

Waste not, want not

How much food in your fridge ends up going to waste?

The Two Girls eat left overs and pack lunches but we’re really conscious that too much good food ends up as compost or landfill.


We’re thinking about responsible consumption after a food clean up.

One Girl found herself over the weekend, with some fruit that needed to be eaten, otherwise it would have to be thrown out.

My aunt cleaned her own freezer out and brought around a bag of frozen Tassie apricots. I also had a few bananas turning rapidly to black. (The Other Girl never has this problem because she is bananaphobic).


God bless the internet. A quick surf of the World Wide Web found a Nigella Lawson banana muffin recipe and a Women’s Weekly upside down apricot cake recipe.

As you can see, just because bananas have turned black doesn’t mean they aren’t still edible, in fact this is the best time to cook with them.

This Nigella recipe is very simple and took less than 10 minutes to pull together.

20 minutes later, beautifully cooked muffins.

The upside down cake was just as simple, although there were a couple of extra steps with the layering of the brown sugar and apricots, before placing the cake batter over the top.

The longest part to this recipe is the 30-minute bake time.

When turned out, this cake looks very impressive!

It is such a great feeling to know that something that may have been thrown out has been turned into some beautiful baked goodies!

Do you cook it, or do you chuck out?

3 thoughts on “Do you cook it, or do you chuck it out?

  1. The Two Girls have had a couple of comments about how people use up leftovers on our personal Facebook pages.

    One cooks up any leftover veggies at the end of the week for the much loved four legged member of their family. We reckon that's one healthy and happy dog.

    The other said that she tries to use as much as she can, but if she does have anything left over she feeds the chooks, puts it into a recycling bag or on the compost heap. She tells us they have a system in Canada where you put your kitchen scraps in a recycling bag and put it out each week with the garbage. Then twice a year you get back 6 bags of compost free!

    Thanks gals for your comments. We love hearing from the people out there in the www that read our blog.

  2. nice post & cakes..NOTHING..I MEAN nothing goes to waste at my place..I also freeze black 'nanas for Summer smoothies. Using them frozen gives u a nice thick smoothie! I consider it a fun day in the kitchen to turn leftovers into another glorious creation..but then I was a Chef so it's easy. With my Border Collie (who will not eat anything containing preservatives, and can tell the difference) & ten Bantam Chooks there is never enough scraps left for my poor worm farm & then compost bin! Argg!!

  3. Made banana muffins this week with the manky banana but a a lot more waste now we are not saving scraps for pigs.

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