Maldini Italian Restaurant Hobart

There’s no doubt that Maldini in Hobart’s Salamanca Place is one of the city’s best restaurants.

It’s the place that my dear friend, Mrs S and I, always meet for lunch, so I guess that means I’m there several times a year.
It has presented consistent quality dining and very good service all the years I have eaten there. It hasn’t changed. Even the interior hasn’t changed much, there’s Tom Samek paintings all about, and there hasn’t been much movement in the menu over the years either. But that’s part of what makes Maldini so successful. It’s a well-worn recipe.
Recently I took Boozy Friday Lunch Friend there and it was as good as it always is. The meals were excellent and the service was professional and attentive.
It’s hard to find a critical word to say about them. The acoustics can tend towards the clanky. This Girl finds Tom Samek a bit dated. Watch your step if you sojourn to the toilets. If you’ve tried everything on the menu you’re interested in, then consider one of the daily specials. If you’re doing lunch on a busy schedule, tell them, because they’re accustomed to pacing a meal to maximise enjoyment. It faces the occasional critique that it’s over-priced. But there are plenty of options at different prices and the prices are comparable to meals at similar establishments.
What we ate:
Risotto with roast pumpkin, chicken and taleggio, $25.50 for entrée size; which is enough for This Girl for lunch. The meals are generally substantial so make sure your appetite is in order if you go for a main or a pasta dish.
Seared duck breast with pistachios, broccolini and beetroot puree, $34.50, which was Boozy’s choice. I tried it, it was great, cooked pink, beautiful to look at, wonderful tastes and textures; a delightful choice.
Photo does NOT do the roulade justice!
Lemon curd and macadamia nut meringue roulade with raspberry coulis, $10.50; this is a version of a standard menu item. This Girl LOVES a meringue and a roulade involving lemon curd and berries is too much to resist. It was DE-lish and good value.
Lemon tart slice, $12.50, from the selection of cakes on offer in addition to the dessert item.
Maldini deserves special attention and a special place in the hall of  good Hobart dining.
Check out their menu here.
Phone for reservations: 03 6223 4460
Find them at: 47 Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania 7000 Monday-Sunday, 8:00am until late
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