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One of our readers recently asked for restaurant tips for their next visit to Hobart. We suggested that if they had enough time to get out of the CBD they should visit The Lotus Eaters Café in Cygnet.

Cygnet is a quaint town about 50 kilometres from Hobart and apart from all manner of quaint things, it is home to a very quaint foodie establishment, The Lotus Eaters Café.

The Lotus Eaters Café has been serving excellent food since 2007. It is one of the best cafés in southern Tasmania. It is homely but uncluttered, light and peaceful. We sat in the front window and watched the town go by.

There menu board changes daily but there are some themes you can expect: a pizza, a salad plate, a soup; a dish in bowl; sandwich options and about half a dozen cake options.
Don’t be fooled by what might seem to be ordinary café selections. The Lotus Eaters Café raises the bar on everything.

This Girl and my eating companions of the years, have never ever ever, had a bad food experience.

This time I choose the dish in a bowl, an Asian broth brimming with luscious plump dumplings, gorgeous green vegetables and condiments. Lunch friend, Ms M, had the salad plate, with no ordinary salads. It was served with their own salami and a smoked chicken, their house made baguette, big whacks of cheese and salads of cabbage, Masala quince, mushrooms, cornichons etc etc etc.

Too full to finish our meals we choose dessert. Hmmm…
Ms M has the organic blueberry baked cheesecake. You’ll generally see two baked cheesecakes on display. The other is their signature baked vanilla bean cheesecake, which this Girl took to go.

For my post-lunch sweetie, I choose the pear and frangipani tart with some decadent brandy buttered gooey wonder on the base of the delicate crisp pastry. I’m beside myself now just thinking about it again.

Coffee is pretty good too. They’re not licensed though.
If you are going for a drive to the country you should generally book, particularly in summer. Inside seating is limited, there’s capacity for around 20 at a pinch. It is possible to take a seat at the giant Hydro cable spool and stools outside if you’re game; it can get cold.

Friend them on Facebook here
You can find them at 10 Mary Street, Cygnet – that’s the main drag.
Call them on 03 6295 1996.
When they’re open (not Wednesdays or Thursdays), it’s 9 to 5.

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