Bushwalking in Hobart’s suburbs


The Skyline Track

One of Hobart’s selling points is its proximity to the natural environment.
This Girl hasn’t been on a bushwalk in ages. Last Sunday I took to the Skyline track.
The Skyline track takes you from Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay to Mount Nelson Signal Station.

I’ve walked the Skyline track a lot because it is right in town and it is relatively quick. You get a decent walk and it hasn’t taken a huge chunk out of a busy day when you might have other things to do. It’s around a 40-45 minute walk one direction. Think of it in two parts.

From Churchill Avenue just south of the University you start the walk. You’ll see signage for Bicentennial Park. Follow the track up along the Lambert Rivulet. It will begin by creeping gradually upwards and then zigzag reasonably steeply up hill through shady bush on the suburban fringe. It can be a bit damp, watch your step, and it’s a wee bit steep for around the first 20 minutes or so. There’s a seat to rest your weary self on and take in the view though.

The second part is more open bush with views out across the Derwent. You’ll walk through beautiful Casuarina trees and there’s a second spot to rest. You come out at the Signal Station where you can spend some time enjoying a beautiful view of Hobart. You can make more of day of it by having something to eat or drink at the Signal Station.

On this occasion I kept going and walked down Nelson Road to surprise some friends, stayed for lunch of pumpkin soup and caught up on the events of the week.
I’d like to say I walked back down the hill, which was the original plan but when I went to leave it was raining so I had the luxury of a lift to my car.

Unless you have friends in Mount Nelson, the moral of this story is take a raincoat!
It’s a well-used track. I came across a jogger. Hmmmm. And an elderly man out for a walk.

Follow the sign posts to the Signal Station. On the way back, you can take the loop track for some variety, it will take you a slightly different way back to Churchill Avenue.
It’s a lovely walk. So if you don’t know it, make some time and walk up the Skyline track to the Signal Station. Enjoy!

For more information on the walk, try here and here.

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