Our Five Favourite Kitchen Tools


The things we can’t bare to cook without
The Two Girls love to cook and here are a few of the kitchen tools we can’t bare to cook without.
For One Girl –
The Wooden Spatula

There is something primal about cooking with this spatula. This Girl loves the look and the control I have when cooking with it.  I admit to getting slightly stressed when the Devotee
cooks using a different implement! I use it for practically everything savoury.

The Chocolate Dipper

Before the chocolate dipper, this Girl used to struggle with two forks when trying to coat something in chocolate. The chocolate dipper is the cheapest kitchen implement I have purchased and has so far saved my sanity numerous times!  The design is perfect for letting the chocolate drip away without making a mess. I bow to the maker of this perfect little tool!

The Microplane

The most recent addition to my kitchen tools was given to me as a present from my Gore Grind Devotee after giving him some not so subtle hints. Every time I use this tool I say to him ‘have I told you how much I love my microplane?’ A little obsessed true, but it is a magnificent tool. I use it to grate hard cheeses into beautiful soft fluffy mounds. It is perfect for grating citrus peel, chocolate and even grates nutmeg like its butter!

For the Other Girl –
The Handless Spatula
The Other Girl loves her handless spatula. I’d never noticed them until a friend turned up with one as a gift swearing by it. And everything she said was true. This tool is so incredibly useful because with one sweeping motion you can get everything out of the bottom of the mixing bowl. It’s just what I need when making cakes and icing, or practically anything else a bit wet and sticky. It’s efficient. Just remember to roll up your sleeves!
The Food Processor


The Other Girl uses her food processor almost every time I cook. Pesto, soup, spice mixes, dips, coulis, you name, you can basically blend it in a food processor. I’ve had various brands over the years. Each has something different to add. Right now I have a Magimix Cuisine 4200XL which has three bowl sizes. I use the smallest and the largest the most. This weekend I whizzed strawberries into coulis for strawberry orange flower blossom buttercream icing and shortly I’ll be processing broccoli soup up in the larger bowl. I really do use it all the time.
What tool can you barely cook without?

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