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Sichuan Salt and Pepper Calamari
Hobart’s Elizabeth Pier is known for Fish Frenzy, T42 and the Convention Centre. They’ve been there since its redevelopment. The other spaces haven’t seemed to be as successful. The site of former Marque IV is a case in point. It’s been home to Asian Gourmet on the Pier for two years now. Doesn’t time fly?
This might suggest they’re doing okay but this Girl has been to T42 plenty of times in the last two years and seen their sign, but it’s never occurred to me to try them out.
There is something that feels a bit tucked out of the way about the location. It’s easy to stop before you get to it and enjoy dinner and drinks somewhere else. There’s also some awesome Asian alternatives in Hobart: Me Wah, Mulan Chinese, Vanidols, and Mai Ake Asian Cusine now in residence in the former Blue Skies location.
So why go the distance and take a chance on Asian Gourmet on the Pier?
Asian Gourmet on the Pier is on the Entertainment Card as an A-list so you get 25 per cent off your meal.
That’s as good a reason as any in my book.
Lettuce roll
So I took Boozy Friday Lunch Friend off for a Friday special.
If you remember Marque IV you’ll note they haven’t made many changes to the interior design. There’s a range of seating options and tables are not so close that it’s congested. It’s spacious.
The location is one of the best in Hobart and it should be a key success factor for any restaurant on the Pier. Enjoying the company of friends and family, or eating alone, looking out over the marina, is stunning.
On our visit, the service was accommodating, professional and cognisant of weekday lunch timeframes. Timing between our courses was well paced.
What we ate:
Lettuce roll, 2 pieces, $14.50
Sichuan Salt and Pepper Calamari, $12.50
Strawberry Pork, $25.50
Cantonese-style Moreton Bay Bug, $30.00
And we drank Ninth Island Sparkling.
Cantonese-style Moreton Bay Bug
The Lettuce roll was incredibly generous which made for excellent value and taste but was a little awkward to consume. Ask for a knife and fork unless you are chopstick aficionado.
The Sichuan calamari was a winner, quite spicy, lightly coated and just as lightly cooked.
The Bug was a long way from home but it was the pick of the mains. Bug is delicious and this dish allowed you to enjoy it in the company of modestly flavoured surroundings.
This Girl picked the Strawberry Pork because I just loved the idea of the strawberry. I wasn’t thinking. If you’ve eaten Lemon Chicken or Pork before you’ve got the idea, except this version is pink. It was a big dish with big pieces of pork. I have no need to do that again.
Don’t do it!
All in all, we enjoyed our lunch at the Asian Gourmet on the Pier.
I expect that it’s popular with tourists because of its location and because its menu represents a broad range of Asian cuisines, so there is plenty to choose from. I wouldn’t make it my first restaurant choice but if I had visitors to wine and dine or was in the area, I may return. It’s certainly worth one visit to check it out and if you’ve got an Entertainment Card you should make it a definite.

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