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Doll Making with Shasta Daisy

To this Girl, cotton, clay and cloth are exactly what they seem.

But to Shasta Daisy, they are the foundation for the magic she makes in each of the beautiful dolls she creates.


I’m not even a doll person, but I want everyone of her creations in my house because I love looking at them.

Maude and her panther.
I met Shasta in high school and it’s my longest running friendship.
Shasta Daisy at work turning the lifeless into life.

I’ve always been envious of her artistic ability. She draws beautifully, even sitting in the backyard of her home when we were young she could take a piece of willow and turn it into something incredible. The gift to create is in her hands. But since Shasta’s been making her dolls, she’s taken her creativity to a new high.

And for Shasta, doll making is as much about a creative outlet than it is about her life’s fulfillment.
Woodvine … Gypsy Lovers
‘Making my first doll was a life changing moment. I know that sounds weird but it brought home that I needed to live my life creatively and really explore what I was capable of doing. I realised I needed to push myself and not waste the skills I have. In a way, each doll I make is about honouring who I have become and expressing my potential. As well as having a lot of fun along the way,’ says Shasta.
Mistress of Suspension

There’s a message in there for everyone. Find the thing you love, the thing that challenges you, and make it happen.

Shasta’s dolls are more than just beautiful things, they are magical works that affect people in an emotional way

Red – This Girl’s favourite

‘The exciting thing for me is to see a flat piece of cloth and have it come to life and take shape to a point where a doll can evoke an emotion in someone else,’ Shasta says about the affect her dolls can have.

Sylvia – Star of the Silver Screen and her first prize ribbons

Shasta is learning all the time and therein is the love for what she excels in.


‘Learning how to make something is probably what drives me. I love the challenge of trying to work out how something is made. Doll making covers so many arts and crafts. I found that it gives me joy being able to create anything I can imagine. I love the whole process from pattern design, construction, painting, sewing, beading, embroidery and costuming,’ Shasta says.

Lorna the Llama Farmer and Lawrence.

Shasta’s only been making dolls for about two years. She’s already won first prize for three of her dolls at the Hobart Doll Show at Bream Creek Show, the Royal Hobart Agricultural Show and Doll Street Dreamers. You might have seen her at the Derwent Entertainment Centre Craft Fair this year.

Punk Girl

She recently took herself off to pursue her love and learn more at course in New South Wales and meet other doll makers she admires. This new network has opened a huge door in her life and she’s run through it.

Ruby and her harvest (veggies handmade by Shasta too!)

There’s an entire community of cloth and clay dolls. It’s worldwide, they have their own books and magazines and Shasta’s already been published. She started in little old Hobart and she’s already sold a doll in America.

Matilda the Springtime Dancer
Shasta’s Bush to Beach doll will be featured in the journal, Art Doll Quarterly, at the end of the year. This will be her third doll featured.


Sea Whispers – Bush to Beach Doll
Shasta also visits The Trodden Path, an online meeting place for artist and dollmakers.


Winter’s Bride – published in Art Doll Quarterly.  The dried flowers and moss are actually from Shasta’s own wedding.

You’ll know Shasta is passionate about what she does from her major social media profile. You can find out more:

Facebook – follow her adventures on Facebook.

Flickr – where you will find so many great pics of Shasta’s creations.

Etsy – when Shasta’s selling her dolls, this is where you can buy them.

Pinterest – dolls she’s made and dolls she loves from other talented artists.


One more of Red because I love her so much!

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