All Thai, North Hobart’s newest restaurant


It’s All Thai

I love Asian food but…
Oh dear, that sounds too much like ‘My best friend is gay but…’ which is all too often followed by a homophobic rant.
This Girl wasn’t sad to see Solicit leave North Hobart and with Mai Ake moving to the Docks, there were two new exciting food opportunities for North Hobart.
Note: The head count of Asian food places in North Hobart now goes like this: Annapurna, Taj Palace, Dedes, Vanidols, Chatterbox, Myabi, Midori, Cool Thai and Mai Ake’s replacement, Le Roze.
Tense with suspense, I took Boozy Friday Lunch Friend and the Lovely Deputy off for dinner at what I told them was something called Room 333. It’s located at the site of the former restaurant, Solicit.
So there we found ourselves, at All Thai, less than two weeks old.
I can’t help myself. I love Asian cuisine, BUT, I’d already eaten at Hejos twice that week (keep an eye out for that post) and, I was booked in with friends at Royal Thai the following night.
I admit to a slightly dark mood, although the boyz didn’t seem to care.
All Thai is nicely decked out. It’s more spacious and aesthetic than its predecessor.
However, things weren’t boding well, when at 7 pm they’d already run out of the special Prawn Spring Roll, our entrée choice, and the Thai Fish Cakes, our other entrée choice.
Not to be deterred, we went for cold Chicken Satay and Vegetable Spring Rolls. And, no the Satay wasn’t meant to be cold.
For our mains we chose:
Chilli Basil Vegetable and Tofu Stir Fry, $19.90. My choice. Boozy said it was culinary beige, but he’s a meat eater from hell, and successfully prised the vegetables away from the tofu. It was totally tasty and hot!! An excellent choice.
Barbequed Maryland Chicken with Thai herbs and a Thai salad with chilli and lime dressing, $19.90. Unfortunately it was served to us last and because of its fresh, light flavours, was probably better eaten earlier on in the peace.
Red Curry Duck, $21.90 which was a delicious red curry, and duck is something that works well in lots of Asian cuisine. There was loads of complexity, a beautiful rich red-orange sauce, and enough duck for all of us to share.
The roti didn’t come.
The service was a wee bit slow.
I met the owner’s partner who cooks at Morilla and was part of the Curiouser and Resuoiruc Red Queen Feast for Dark MOFO. An impressive partnership. We talked feedback on the meal. Then he visited our table and in his charming, unassuming way, enabled us to choose the night’s dessert, Caramel Crème Brulee with Black Tea Ice Cream. Boozy’s a crème brulee connoisseur, he would have liked more cracking toffee crust. We were assured that over time the menu will evolve, and so will the desserts.
It’s a true thing that most new restaurants need a settling in period.
The mains were good, and the promise of more dessert is alluring, so I’ll go back.
But right now, I fancy a hamburger.

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